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  1. I like it alot. Thanks for sharing.
  2. In the winter yes. I stand out in the 34 degree water with the air temp the same, if I am lucky, thinking of my warm dry windfree tying table with a hot cup of coffee at my side. As I sit in the chair thinking about the tugs I could be getting instead of the headache I am receiving. To get over this I say to myself there will be better days. I got out Sunday around 10 or so. Stood at the bank BSing with anybody around waiting for the slush to burn off. Burned off at 1 and got in. Fished to 4 with five fish to hand. Checked the river at 7 am Monday morn and looked like a slushy again. So looks like another day of the same ahead.
  3. Phil sounds like we are on the same page. The next 2 days looks pretty good for fishing around here but on Wed the temps are supposed to go way down. I'll try and get a pic up for you, along with acouple others. Nothing that will catch ant fish though
  4. My Peak is fine but I cant say I am in love with it.
  5. Those are a secret. They are stones using yellow hackle for a tail char icedub body with gold rib, hot orange ice dub for a thorax peacock herl wing case. Done up on a Mustad 9672 size 8 and 12. Thats been a very nice fly for me here in OH and up on the Elk. They really like to take it on the swing. Sorry the Sparrows didnt make the cut. They were added last year and just got put aside.
  6. Buggers, String Leechs, and ESLs Streamers Egg/Nymph Spey/Nymph other side One big happy family I saw the pics of other boxes here so I thought I would add mine. Not the best pics but I will be working on that. I decided to get down to basics and stick to what really works for me. The egg box is alittle light because I had to get out and fish some. Just havent stocked it back up yet.
  7. The recipe is posted in the link above with a pic. The only thing I do different is use polar wht FisHair instead of marabou. I think it gives it slittle better look.
  8. That pattern there is deadly. I use it alot here in OH for steel. I also make 1 with olive bunny and a Lite Bright char body.
  9. I tried them here in Ohio and didnt do anything in great #s for me. Not saying it wont work for you.
  10. How does a conehead fish differently then a beadhead? I've always used beadheads on my woolybuggers but picked up some cones for something different. Thanks
  11. Can somebody give me the recipe on this pattern I cant seam to find it. If anybody wants to give up some other caddis patterns that would be great as well. I never fished caddis even though I know they work great at times. Thanks
  12. On some of mine I have 3 sets of loops. Ex. center set of pink with char on the sides. I also use 2 rows of the same color with a blood dot in it. Finally the single row.
  13. The last package arrived and I should get them out by Tuesday. Thanks guys
  14. This is the first year that I am using the fly rod all year for steel. Usually I'll only use it early fall and pick it up again late winter and into spring. I'd drift spawn/ jig maggots the other part of the season. I have noticed the gulls coming in and pounding the shad that are in the river. Its pretty cool to watch it looks like an ocean scene. I am doing well drifting using egg patterns, nymphs, and leeches but want to see if I could increase the hook ups using a pattern to match the shad. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  15. I am going to wait until Sat for the final package to arrive. If it doesnt come I am sending the flies out 1 short. Does that sound like a plan for you guys or do you want me to hold off longer?
  16. Last package is in route to me and as soon as it arrives they will be going out.
  17. I have pm the last one to complete the swap. He has run into some hard times and will be getting them to me shortly. As soon as I get them I will send them out. Thanks
  18. I got them Don. Looks good thnaks.
  19. Always look forward to your posts. Good job and thanks.
  20. Mitch got them today. Nice job thanks!
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