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  1. the second to last fish on that page looks very simalar to my tank fish called a pink kissing guramie .nice pictures great looking fish
  2. thanks for the advice i will post the georgia tech minnow (yellow and black) soon
  3. is the correct way to hold a catfish by the gills?
  4. yea i know thats not me thats my dad im taking the pic. he ddnt know how to hold it
  5. they kill bream down here and i was very suprised that i caught a bass on it
  6. yea it caught me a few but mainly bass
  7. sry for the bad pic it was on my new phone . its a red wiggeler with a flach colar
  8. no we ddnt we decided to put the fish back to let it get bigger
  9. i know its crazy, i had about a 20 lb blue cat on and he broke my hook it was insane
  10. yea it was insane, he was stripping my line and he was half through my backing when he started to tire out
  11. this guy put up quite a fight on my 4 wt rod when i saw the swirls of water, and the stired up mud ,pluse i felt the power of this thing i knew i was in for a fight and after 20 minuets of back and forth battels i got the beast ashore his fly of choice one of my red wiggelers on a scud hook .(wil post later) Will hunsaker
  12. wow thats a great catch i was using the craw withe pink part on it and i hooked and landed a 2 pound bas on my 4 w wat a fight
  13. hey its good to see there r some fellow georgians on this site i will also be going up there with in the next week goin to the unicoi lodge they should be abel to give u great addvise on fly selection
  14. ok i was on vacation in north carolina andgot back yesterday my flys are in the mail today sorry for being late
  15. very nice fly looks likes a fish magnet to me
  16. wow jopeli you have a great colection there keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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