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  1. Good to hear you are back!

  2. Haven't been fishing or tying much lately, but I'm just getting back into it. Hopefully a few of the old timers are still around :)

    1. bigjimwest


      Same here ...Must start with flyfish again last year i didnt fish one time..But tyed did i a lot of..

  3. Happy Birthday Cody. Hope it was great :-)

  4. Let Me guess, Bow-hunting season is almost upon us :-)

  5. Dafunk your blog is really great. A very fun read and nice pictures.

  6. Alto; really cool avatar. I like it :)

  7. Happy birthday buddy!

  8. Happy Birthday Gustav! Hope its a great one :)

  9. I'd have to say a little invention called the Bloody Deceiver. I've had the most luck with it!

  10. Hi Patrick,

    No I have not done any fly fishing for several months. Plan to get out again soon as I get the chance though.

  11. Hi Micke, really

    miss your flies.

  12. Very nice website. Your salmon flies are wicked cool :)

  13. Love the avatar! Norris at his best lol!

  14. You bet....will that be a #32 algea-nymph? :)


  15. "Favorite Species: Anything that swims"

    Does that include tadpoles? LOL

  16. I love that quote by Tom Jefferson, it rocks!

  17. Nice largie! Is that a phlueger reel in the pict? If so I love those reels and use em for just about everything.

  18. Nice video you have in your signiture very cool :)


  19. Nice dog, looks like it's snacking on that pillow lol :) jk

  20. Ha ha I love your signiture :)

  21. What fish is salmo-salar? A salmon right? :)

  22. Hi there

    How long have you been fly fishing?

  23. happy birthday...

    gee, 103 years old...

  24. you have some awsome interests :)

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