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  1. My list isn't that impressive but here it is anyway:


    Rainbow Trout

    Cutthroat Trout

    Brook Trout

    Lake Trout

    Lake Whitefish


    Smallmouth Bass

    Largemouth Bass


    Red Eared Sunfish


    Yellow Perch


    Northern Pike Minnow

    Brown Bullhead

    Largescale Sucker

    Sculpin (that was a fun one...)

    Common Carp


    Little Brown Bat (not a fish but an interesting catch)

  2. I tie on a true rotary vise, but don't always use the full rotary function. Still, it's a hook-gripping mother, and I've never had reason to dislike it. I recently bought a Anvil Apex (a non-rotary vise, but a "rotating" vise) and it's fine, but I just got it because most of us need a second vise and I wanted to see if the rotary ability made a difference. It does, but I could do without it if I had to.



    That's the one I have. Just to clear things up a bit it is a rotary vice, just not a true-rotary vice. But even that can be basically accomplished if you level the head ;)

  3. Personally I'm willing to make the sacrifice. Hatchery programs are necessary, yes; but even more so is financial stability.

    While I don't fish for hatchery fish as a general rule, I do understand that in certain parts of the country it is somewhat of a necessity.

    These people have more to lose than myself. But I would have them ask themselves, what is more important? A few more fish-- or a stable, balanced economy.

  4. wow, I never really considered there to be much difference in moving-water bass flies and still-water bass flies. Can't go wrong with woolly buggers, Clouser deep minnows, Clouser floating minnows, etc. Deer hair surface bugs are good when bass are looking up, just like in rivers. Matt (Day5) has a lot of good patterns he developed in lakes for bass, but since he's become famous I haven't seen him post much on here....


    Fame. It'll get you every time.......




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