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  1. Yeah, no problem. here it is. I used my dad's sweet Sony.
  2. A fly without tools can be awsome, but it'll be ten times better when a vice, bobbin, hair, stacker, etc., is used. Tight lines
  3. Yeah, that would work if the camera had macro.
  4. Hey guys, I couldn't find a crayfish pattern I liked, so I made one! Its a fairly simple pattern, few matierials, and I am satisfied. Hope you enjoy. Tight lines! p.s: oh yeah, sorry about the trashy pict quality.
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by WetMaster: Meat's Mudbuddy <img src="uploads/img494464d7c4e23.jpg"> just so you know, my name isn't Meat
  6. Thats a nice fly, Tyrite. A little fancier than i wanted though... But it looks great!
  7. I have visited innumerable fly tying sites and searched through many books and have not once found a good crayfish pattern. Does anyone have a good, easy, crayfish pattern? :wallbash:
  8. Try a sparrow nymph in sizes 10 or 12
  9. It could be your herl if not, then use a dubbing loop
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