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  1. Troth Bullhead is a good one. Essentially a large muddler minnow with a slight variation. http://www.flyfishohio.com/Troth_Bullhead.htm
  2. Fortunately, I tend to avoid social enteraction with other people while I'm fishing, so my biggest goofs have been played off under only my own eyes. Having said that I believe my most embarrassing moment was no more than an insult to my station as a fly fisher--I admitted to a stranger that there were indeed fish in that creek I just waded out of.
  3. Personally I've seen a great many fly tyers that once were the main sages of forum drop out of action--gone AWOL if you will. Of course there are still a few of the old timers around, which is a good thing. Usually is how it works (from what I have personally observed)is someone joins, maintains a steady attendance for a while, and then is gone to who knows where. This is obviously due to the undebatable fact that life does indeed intrude on enjoyment. While I don't consider myself an old timer (I'm not sure if this term refers to time spent on the forum, or literally aged fly tyers), I used to be a fairly steady poster for a couple years. But, life simply gets in the way sometimes. Personally, studying is a big part of my life right now. And that, paired with the crowd of other non-piscatorial activities takes up much of my free time. I'm afraid fly tying generally finds last place in these sort of things.
  4. Nie guy pictures guys. Unfourtunatly due to a few factors fishing has not really been an option for me so far. But I'll contribute a few shots from previous years :-)
  5. Beautiful pictures. I especially like the alligator shots :-)
  6. Usually I'm going 25-35 days out of the year for trout.
  7. A bit late but Happy Birthday Will! Hope it was fantastic.
  8. I was and am rather fond of Smallmouth fishing, so the username came easy
  9. lose the dogs. problem solved. I like that idea, dogs are not quite my favorite animal you might say However Lykos's idea sounds like it would work if getting rid of the pooches isn't a valid possibility
  10. I am hoping to submit a few flies :thumbsup:
  11. Second that. I cannot wait untill I can vote.....
  12. My flies have been mailed. A little later that I had hoped, but school has been a large consumer of my time
  13. On something that small a scale, I doubt you would need a permit. I'd say go ahead, it sounds like it might be an interesting project. But I wouldn't try putting trout or bass in it, that is where you could maybe cross a legal line. Goldfish would be fine though
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