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  1. Interesting idea, I'd be curious what the fish think.
  2. yep you are right that is what she is is she not - Adequate!! Uh-huh....in other words I think I'll stay here
  3. My flies will ship as soon as I can get them down to the post office.
  4. ehh, I know, I like the name cause I tweaked it to my liking, and its my go to pattern. Those egg suckin' leech patterns are candy to steelies and browns in october. Slumpbuster is already taken http://ozarkanglers.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=9730 Good flies though, should work well.
  5. Canada sure is purty...but the US suites me quite adequately
  6. Wicked, there is a resemblance! I wish my uncle was in Medal of Honor!
  7. Turn red heads or a reds head Great flies Matt :punk:
  8. Matt designs most of his flies to be castable on a 6 wt., so you're in luck! Great fly Matt.
  9. HappyBirthday Matt! I'd vote for you...... except I'm not voting age yet
  10. W.W. Grigg rods are wonderful and inexpensive. They aren't a 'kit' but will probably outlast most if not all of the rods found in the rod-reel-n-line combos. The best weight would be either a four weight or five weight.
  11. Actually the $100 Anvil is rotary, just not true rotary in the traditional sense
  12. Thought I'd throw this one back to the top.... what great fly. Chris I have been destroying (not literally) the bass and panfish around here with your ingenious craw pattern. I like it almost as much as the fish do
  13. That is very interesting. However, if it is true that there is no real scientific definition of true trouts, why is there so many books and internet articles that state otherwise? Are they spewers of misinformation or is there more to it?
  14. Very very nice Fred! Does it float? Great fly either way
  15. Actually Cutthroats, Rainbow Trout, and Brown trout are all true trout. Lake trout, Brook Trout, Sunapee Trout (also known as Blueback trout), and Bull Trout are indeed chars. As to Brook trout not being a trout at all, I suggest reading this article, which besides being slightly profane is very enlightening. http://flyaddicts.com/40rivers/2010/07/26/...ed%3A+40rivers+
  16. Colt....that is beyond amazing...what an invention! ROCK ON!
  17. Happy birthday Paul hope you have a great one :cheers:
  18. Very very nice! On that note, I'm color blind, and it really isn't as big of an impairment as you might think But again, very beautiful pictures.
  19. Happy birthday Chase I hope you got to do a little fishing
  20. So what team are you on Chris? "Team Jacob" Or "Team Edward?" (sometimes abbreviated to 'team gay' and 'team more gay') My gosh, this is the first time I've seen the Twilight fanaticism transcend into fly tying
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