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  1. I was half expecting to see a picture of a ripped midget without a shirt on........but I'm relieved that this is not the case. Great fly buddy
  2. Thank you so much guys Henry I'll be getting my permit next year when I'm sixteen
  3. Chris great fly, the name....:nono:
  4. Just so everyone knows, I am leaving tomorrow for most of a week in a place without internet. In case anyone needs to contact me for whatever reason, I won't be back until Tuesday. Yes I'll be fishing Jan
  5. Wow! Very impressive. You actually had me there for a second
  6. Lieutenant Otto Carius was a German Heer tank commander during World War II and is credited with destroying more than 150 tanks. Next subject: Gravity
  7. Not good, not good at all. Hope you recover fast Chris. In the mean time, take it easy and buy yourself a new fly rod
  8. Gorgeous is the word that comes to mind Great fly John.
  9. I'm pretty sure they could still make time Bob Very funny Dustin :lol2:
  10. I understand man, I was just joking :thumbsup: It sounds like you've got a great thing going though
  11. HA I can't even begin to imagine the regs that would be involved in that...... Steve Well than, I guess I'll settle for Hummingbird
  12. Very impressivee Gustav! I don't think I've ever seen that many killer bugs in one place, or as well tied
  13. October 20th is great. Gustav his address is on post #9 page one. Here it is
  14. I believe I have decided what I will tie, a Brown Quill Stone. It does a bang up job of imitating these little fellows I hope my selection is acceptable to everyone?
  15. Happy birthday buddy! I hope you get some fishing time in~ P.S Paul, I like that--a birthday wish tinged with venom (e.g. Love ya bro--but you're really girly!) :j_k:
  16. Gustav has graciously sent me an invite and I accept Very excited for this one. Will ponder my fly choice and next invite
  17. They look pretty good. I would echo many of the comments above in downsizing the head. Look like like they might catch fish though
  18. Pretty good, but Flytire is right--your mouse is essentially just a morrish mouse
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