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  1. Oh well, I can live with that Thanks Ray
  2. Thanks Chris. Now I wonder why it caught your attention..Hmmmm... :shifty:
  3. Merely adding it to the database
  4. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by WetMaster: The Escapee
  5. ...Only if you have bad posture...
  6. An absolutely perfect Stone I doubt any fish at all could turn it's nose up at that
  7. What an awesome setup! I'm sure some people would be jealous :whistle:
  8. Yes I did spell 'Escapee' wrong in the title
  9. The Escapee Hook: #6 Streamer Thread: Olive 6/0 Tail: Two Pheasant Fibers Abdomen: Rusty Halo Dubbing and cream hairs ear mixed Mottled Back: Hen Pheasant Rib: 4lb test mono Gills: Black Ostritch Herl Wingcase: Hen Pheasant Thorax: Same as Abdomen A Hex Nymph imitation I wrote more about it here: http://hatchesmagazine.com/blogs/janhenric...on-the-escapee/ Not the greatest picture
  10. Either he's just dead tired or your angelic voice is slightly lacking :lol2:
  11. I don't know, but I sure hope it's dead
  12. I just stumbled upon this one. An Absolute Belle Ray
  13. Could someone please ID this for me? Thanks! Jan
  14. I caught this beautiful Small-Stream Cutthroat on one of Txflytier's (Chance) extra March Brown Parachutes he included from the Total Hatch Swap
  15. Hey Jeff hope your birthday was great. Hope you got to go fishing
  16. Just got back from Idaho. Yes I've been fishing I am so excited and honored to have won. Very much to thanks to everyone involved and especially Carl, who I'm sure put a great deal of time into this Jan Edit 7/29/2010: Got the flies today. They are AMAZING! Thanks again everybody
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