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  1. Just came across this. Great flies, and I really like the picture
  2. Not sure if his qualifies as easy, but it's one fine pattern: http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern591.html Also you can just click the "Bass" tag and browse: http://www.flytyingforum.com/tagBass.html
  3. It's a beautiful vise, petegray. I'm sorry I would have guessed but I was completely in the dark.
  4. Great fish, I'm jealous to say the very least.
  5. I most definitly do support my local shop. I try to buy most of my regular materials there. Of course I buy from other places, but I love Pat's Atomic Fly Shop the best to be sure.
  6. Great fly and I really like the name
  7. Well..., it's a nice fly, I would give you some technical advise but I guess that's not really the point.
  8. Very very nice! I still haven't gotten the hang of those unibobbers. It looks like you certainly have got it down
  9. Hope you have a fantastic Birthday :cheers:
  10. Well this ain't Oprah.................
  11. Gorgeous fly Ray. I very much like the dubbing ~
  12. Beaut of a fly--great work
  13. Hope you had a great B-day Jamie
  14. That's about how I feel about it.
  15. Uh-oh! Lets keep this clean shall we?
  16. Well. I don't know about all of this. But the fly is rather nice...
  17. Great flies. So the body is made up entirely of spun rabbit?
  18. My biggest producers are as follows: Bloody Deceiver, Olive Wooly Bugger, Bunny Leach, Bunny Muddler, Marabou and Rabbit Leach(conehead). Good luck.
  19. Happy Birthday Brian Have a great one!
  20. I'm against Bass Tournaments, it's not that I merely don't enjoy them, but that I am vehemently opposed to them However, about the mono Tidewater is right, heavier mono=faster fight=Less chance of seriously stressing out the fish.
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