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  1. I wish someone would convince me of that :scared:
  2. Several years ago I rented this large book with the title of "Field and Stream Treasury of Trout Fishing" from the library. I read the stories, and many of them were centered around fly fishing. So I decided I needed to look into this fly fishing thing. At the local Wal*Mart they had this Scientific Anglers kit for around $80 with rod, line, reel, fly box, flies, DVD and who knows what all. I was all geared up to buy it when my brother advised me that Fly fishing was a pretty elaborate and expensive hobby...so I ended up not getting it. The spring of the next year my brother and I (same bother) were looking around this pawn shop and they had a dusty foam handled Sheakspear 5/6 wt. rod with reel on it in the back. He bought it for me and I figured out how to use it on my own. Later that year my Dad came up with the idea that I should try making my own flies. So he bought me a Colorado Anglers Vise for around $16. I taught myself how to use it...and here I am, with more fly tying and fishing stuff than I could of ever imagined back then
  3. I'll tell you. Because a Full-Dress fly's purpose is mainly to be pleasing to the eye, you don't want the hook to be scratched up on the vise. It would be very disappointing to spend multiple hours on a fly only to have the bend scratched up by the vise jaws P.S: Gorgeous fly Dafunk
  4. I don't know about the pro's & cons, but I think they are extremely neat. I understand some people feel left out because they didn't get invited, well I think that is all rather silly. There are only twelve spots and hundreds of AMAZING tyers on here. So just hope for next time
  5. Alright then, I'll send it on out to AFtier. Very kind of you guys to offer shipping compensation, but no worries, I think I can cover it I'll ship er on out first chance I get.
  6. Whoever is running the show could you please let me know what you want me to do with the box. I presume that I should just send it to AFtier, but I would like to be sure.
  7. Well now it wouldn't be secret If I told you :devil:
  8. Hi guys (and gals) this here is a scetch of a brown trout I made recently. It isn't my best but I though you all might like
  9. This is a fly I've heard called a bleeding baitfish and also a Rabbit leach. It is made entirely of spun rabbit hair ~ This is a tied-in-hand Hare's Ear Nymph
  10. Apparently alot of people like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. For good reasons too :headbang:
  11. Dustin I watched To Save a Life, that's one great move to be sure
  12. Alright everybody so what is your top 5 favorite movies as of now. (I understand favorites occasionally come and go) Here is what comes to mind for me: Lord of the Rings Trilogy (three episodes, one movie ) Bourne Trilogy Equilibrium Batman Begins and the Dark Knight I'll keep thinking on the last one. I just recently watched Equilibrium for the first time and really enjoyed it. Great movie.
  13. Gorgeous flymphs Gustav. Also the sculpin looks deadly. I really like the design of it Mark your flies are very nice. The fulldress needs a little work, but it is still a very pretty fly.
  14. Great article, and very nice flies. I will certainly be tying a few of those in the near future.
  15. Got mine. Great set of flies. Thanks for hosting Jared
  16. Gorgeous flies Carl. I especially like the W. Duck & Orange
  17. Well done Chris, I think I'll try this one for my Idaho trip in July--thats when the Hexes are hatching in a big way. Very nice fly.
  18. Flytyer14 there is a difference between a #18 and under swap and a midge swap. If it is a 'MIDGE' swap then you tie midges and midges only. If it is a #18 and under than there is a much larger variety of flies swappers can tie.
  19. Well if we're going to do this again..... Kutless, Reliant K, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, Phil Wickam, Phil Keaggy, John Denver, P.O.D., Switchfoot, Newsboys, Coldplay, and a few others that escape my mind at the moment.
  20. Don't worry-- the Atlas is true rotary. I'm been drooling over that thing for a while. Amazing looking vise to say the least
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