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  1. Absolute perfect Terje! One of the nicest spent spinners I've ever seen! Petter
  2. Hook: TMC 900bl #16 Tail: CdL Body: Turkey Biot Olive Wing: Parapost Wing Hackle: Dun Thorax: Fly Rite Blue Wing Olive
  3. Nice my friend! I will copy that pattern! Love the materials you use in your patterns! Hope to see you in Rena this summer Petter
  4. Hi rockworm, The dubbing is dyed olive
  5. Hook: TMC 900bl Tail: Coq de Leon Body: Peacock Quill Wing case: Pheasant tail Thorax: Squirrel Dubbing
  6. Sweet tie Terje! I have to copy that pattern Petter
  7. The Mugly Caddis: Petter arcticflyfish.com
  8. A baetis dun: For full pattern: arcticflyfish.com Petter
  9. Thank you very much Terje! I wanted a substitute for the streaking caddis and the Karasjohka Caddis is what I ended up with:) Petter
  10. Nice Terje! Beautiful as always! Love the classic, but not to much style! Probably a fish catcher for the 2012 aurivilli hatch in Rena Petter
  11. Pattern: www.arcticflyfish.com Petter
  12. Thank you very much guys! It's good to be behind the vice again Petter
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