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  1. well my girlfriend went out chum fishing last weekend and it was awesome. i had made about fifteen flies and i dont have any of them left. everyone caught fish just as good as the other. i really dont think it was the look of the fly though. i did although have a couple legit bites though so i guess they all worked in their own way. my neck and back have been hurting so bad for three days know from all the fish we caught. i guess im gonna have to go buy more fly hooks. HOORAY Joe
  2. well everyone. my girlfriend and are are learning alot of ways to tie flies. lots of YouTube videos. very helpfull. i am trying to tie the weav body but having a little trouble. i need to buy a croche hook. i also need some thicker line for it. this is awesome. i love tying flies. Joe P.S. Sorry im a bad speller.
  3. ok another question. how do the get the hair to stand up like that on the front of the fly?
  4. well i tied som flies yesterday. they sure are ugly but i really dont think the chum will care about that. Joe
  5. yeah. im getting tired of paying $3.00 for one fly and thats not the worst thing. i cant ever find the ones i want. we got a new Caballas store up here in washington and the fly man has been awesome. i took him a sample fly (SALMON FLY) and he made twelve replicas. of course with a few new modifications. stainless steel hook with a slight bigger shank. i was having problems getting good hook sets with the salmon. couldnt get deep enough. and of course the color. (PINK) for the coho. the only thing he asked is i bring him more supplies to make more. he doesnt even charge me to make them, but i would like to know how to do it myself. the new one is on the top. Joe
  6. well i tried the whip finish and it worked with a little coaxing. the thread broke on me once and then i figured it out. i also have a matarelli tool i am going to try to use. that web sight helped alot to. thanx.
  7. awesome thanx. i am just starting today. my dad gave me a kit and he forgot to give me the books.
  8. well i got the start down but not quiet sure how to end it. what should i use for the finishing knot.
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