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  1. I was directed to this post by steeldrifter. I have infarct looked all replies over carefully and at time I do believe that those of us that are older and wiser need to intervene in these matters and correct the younger generations perspective on the world. I find that after carefull consideration that all of this thread is beyond my understanding and reflects bad judgment. I have come to this conclusion by the fact that the HARDY GIRL is a lot sexier
  2. Thanks for the feed back folks. As to selling one. I put this one on eBay just to see how it goes. The wood is MEDITERRANEAN BRIARWOOD FROM ITALY. down2earthlv I have worked most of my life in creative fields and I have come to belive that there is no difference between talent and desire. There are a few of these that have ended up in the trash inm the road to figuering out how I wanted to do it. Brian
  3. I do not tie flies but have been working on turning out a nice hair stacker. The inner brass tube is OD 1/2 inch. The base has a brass bottom and is weighted. I had posted a photo of my first one on the other sit. This is much nicer. Brian
  4. Gary I have a 9'0" 7 wt Gatti but I am thinking of building an 8 wt that is 9'6" or 10'. Any of you guys tried flies for Wallaye? Brian
  5. Looks good Gary. The Pike where I fish for them will ranf from "hammer handles" to 30 lbs. The best I have done is a little over 10 pounds spinning. Hope to do some float tube fly fishing this year. Tying flies never made ecenomical sense to me. Now I have you guys to do it for me :hyst:
  6. Last fall one of our fellow fishers was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Kurt seems to be getting along OK except for the fact that his right arm, his casting arm, is almost useless and his short term memory is not good. Hopefully that will change. Kurt worked on fishing boats out of Oregon and had no insurance. A raffle is being held for a Gatti FRHP865-3PA. The tickets will be $1.00 each and 6 for $5.00. Payment can be sent to Cole Martin ( Kurt's Nephew) Gatti Raffle 268 19th Ave. N.W. Great Falls, Montana 59404 Each person will receive a stub by mail or email. The drawing will be held in August, at the Lincoln Get Together. Non eligible participants will be Cole and his family & Donna and I. All proceeds will go to help Pay Kurt's medical expenses. Thanks Brian T. Ahern Rovercat
  7. jimmyd Welcom and souns like you live just north of me. It is the Great White North the last few days. Montana has had some good snow. Hopefully we will have better water this year,
  8. They start with. May I speak to Brian. I ask them if we know each other? There answer NO. Then I want to know what right they have calling me Brian and it is Mr. Ahern and why do they not have respect for there elders. That ends the conversation.
  9. Welcome to the site. What is the average size of you're arctic Grayling. In Montana a 3 lbs is a big Grayling. How is you're Grayling population doing? Due to polution and introduction of non native fish are Fluvial Grayling may not survive.
  10. Welcome Good to see a close neighbor here. I do not tie but thats OK lots of other things I have found here.
  11. Welcom Taxon I am new here to and started out as a bait fishermen and still do now and then. The photo is my first fish at age 5.
  12. OSD Things were a bit different back then wern't they. My rod winder back then was a board, two notched uprights and a Victor mouse trap for thread tension. Leaky Waders I do not know a lot about the technacilities in todays sport of fishing. I just fish.
  13. Howdy Joe good to see you on another sit and hope all is well. Mabey we can get a time in 2005 to fish together
  14. I ran accross this site by accident and found my friend Lotechjoe here. Registerd and glade I did. I have been fishing since the age of five and fly fishing since I was 10. I built my first Fly Rod in 1971 and have taught Rod building in the 70's. Most of my fishing today and even thoughI live 35 mi from the mighty MO I do not fish it. In 2002 for a retierment project I started The Royal Coachmen and dealt only in Gatti Producs. Aprox six months ago I aquierd the rights to Gatti USA and work very closelly with Sandro Gatti. I write all the text for his new models, FRD2 and FRLW in addition to other text . At present we a working on a new Series for the US. When this is finalized it will contain all US made componets with reel seat inserts turned in Australia. I am a native of Helena, Montana that spent 27 years living in verious locations in the West and South West. Although I have been fishing for some 59 years I am still a newcomer and hope to stay that way. I also find that life is much like fishing. The fishing is always good. Some times the catching is not to hot though. I will be looking forward to spending some time here. Brian T. Ahern ( rovercat ) yes I do have a cat named Rover
  15. Nick Howdy I do not know how I ended up here. First time visit but I am glade I did. Do you have the info for the new FRLW 2 wt. If not let me know. [email protected] www.gatti-usa.com
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