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  1. Nope just pulling your leg. Doing a great job. Your season starts and ours comes to a close, I'm just not looking forward to cold, windy lake fishing. Freezing my fingers off.
  2. Smuggler


    We three together what was the odds. It is facinating research I got put off by hitting lots of brick wallsand limited publications. And they were very vague. Let us know how you go with your mate. Cheers "Smuggler"
  3. Smuggler


    I think you scared him off with that last scam Taxon. The Australian Entomology Books I have read always stop well short of specific research. Mainly saying that limited research has been done, even though we have thousands of these critters around us every season. Even with the common beetle the scientist state that they know very little in Oz with only some or no field study being completed. Swaddo, have you read Rob Flowers Book? Australian Trout Food http://www.afn.com.au/shop/scditem.asp?ProdID=258 Maybe a job waiting for you here in the land of OZ Taxon Cheers "Smuggler"
  4. Taxon Hope you have't gone fishing? you have a job to do here
  5. Just finished a beetle swap and I posted this pic on the end of the thread. Can you tell which one is real? Sorry for my pic not downloading on my last post it is now fixed. page 2 Cheers "Smuggler" PS. smokeymountainstonefly great update page.
  6. Hi guys, Just winding up a beetle swap in Australia and if you have ever been a collator, you will realise the work some tyers put into there packaging. good packaging and labelling make it easy for the host to get them back to you quickly. The pic is what I recieved from a Flylife Forum name "rabbit" from Western Australia. Very neat indeed. Cheers "Smuggler"
  7. Thats a bloody good looking fly. I use those exact colours in Oz. Well done Troutscout. Cheers "Smuggler"
  8. Did I tell you, Wilcara has a new Renzetti Vice? "Smuggler"
  9. Sorry to hear about the incident. I just lost my two mates within the last 9 months from old age. I feel for ya. A bloke told me on another Forum "that the worst thing about mans best friend, is you keep out living them." Stay cool man and give your all to the dog while he is with you, and do some fishing too. Cheers "Smuggler" Too the Shooter he would not be walkin in Oz thats for sure.
  10. Hi Guys, You hear alot from New Zealand that line must be a dark colour and 12'+leaders. I sometimes fish a Hardy #6wt with an orange line in OZ and have caught my fair share of trout. My favourite line is lime green, because I can see it in small dark streams. I have stumbbled over one major problem fix, I had while fishing a dry beetle on a lake at twighlight. I was loosing sight of the fly and line. During the rise fish would be breaking the surface all over the place and my hook up was only 50%. I changed to a bright yellow line and tied flies that sat extra high on the surface water. This enabled me now to track the direction of the line and then could locate the profile of the fly and strike when the rise interupted my view of the fly profile[shadow]. My hook up is now 97%. I agree presentation of your tippett/leader is paramount and if you have lined the fish. No colour will make much difference. Cheers "Smuggler"
  11. QUOTE (atroutbum2 @ Feb 15 2005, 10:52 PM) My favorite hatch would have to be the sulpher hatch , on Oil creek in nw pa, for two reasons. 1st its a very heavy hatch that lasts for about 3weeks, and 2ed it occurs at tha magical time of the year that the trout seem to be active and feeding from sunup to sundown. Even thougt the emergence and spinner fall occure in the evening, you can catch em with the same fly all day. I think on oil creek there are two diffrent bugs that hatch , one larger than the other, but since they happen back to back , the hatch gets merged into one big sulpher hatch. its just later in the month smaller flies seem to work better. Hi taxon and troutbum Interesting about the smaller sulphur, I have fished a #22 sulpher dun on an ultralite 2wt this year in the mountains and have had good success even when there is no hatch. Lovely fly to fish, I got it in a fly swap and now its in my favourites box. Pic shows how visable it is for small stream. Cheers "Smuggler" PS. top thread.
  12. Should be behind glass, top shelf. Cheers "Smuggler"
  13. Tooooooo Goooood. great job. Cheers "Smuggler"
  14. Smuggler

    Avon Special

    Roy, great fly and article. Going to try and tie a few and fish them down under. Taxon Did you find the tying notes? I could't. If possiable can you email me them on this site. Cheers "Smuggler"
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