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  1. For low and clear rivers
  2. This is a good one for a sunny day in the summer
  3. This is a nice colection of spey flies :headbang:
  4. In july river Orkla medium water this is a safe fly
  5. This is a realy good one in june High and cold water
  6. Merry Cristmas to everyone From Norway ! God jul
  7. i think the tail shold go upåp :headbang:
  8. jeg vet ikke hva som er brukt av fjæder denne fluen ble laget i bgjynnelsen av 60 åra
  9. Heer is one of the most yoused fliies on that time.This pattern is tied on the early sikstis and i dont know the name
  10. Yes big sea-trout and some salmon
  11. Its 10 degrees heer and raining old trolls you cant belive its nerly cristmas...but the sun has started the right way :headbang:
  12. Good old days in river Rauma . This salmon is taken on fly fishing at one evening
  13. Thank You!!!It was a hell of a fight...0.20 tippets...45 minutes i think..with a knotes one tippets...
  14. Pantax k200d i only had a compact camera before....is like night and day
  15. I got my new camera and i most try it
  16. One of my spesial flee...for salmon and sea-trout in the middel of the night...Black Intruder
  17. A fine day...when the sun is shining
  18. When the night coming....this is a great one on floting line
  19. early in the season a sinking line near the bottom and very slow,the water is cold and the fish is slow
  20. This is one of my favorites early in the season
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