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  1. Hi all!

    I am new to this site and forum and i must say that I am verry impressed by all master tyers in here.

    I am from Sweden and the atlantic salmon is my prey.

    I thought I should post some pics in order to get some comments on them. Pleas be brutal i need to improve.


    Oh Maby an admin can move this to the right part of the forum. Missed that sorry

    This is a nice colection of spey flies :headbang:

  2. Im crying...

    Im born in the wrong time.

    I want to be there, now.

    Ah, on a secont thougt, its realy cold now and im hybernating at my vice over winter :rolleyes:



    Its 10 degrees heer and raining old trolls

    you cant belive its nerly cristmas...but the sun has started the right way :headbang:

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