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  1. It is from a norwegian firm Mustad it is realy for trout
  2. Dobbel hooks is legal in Norway
  3. From last august sea-trout 6 kg from river Rauma Taken a little Red Butt(size 14)
  4. recipe Rauma spesial Tail :Grey Squirrel Body :Ice dub olive brown Rib :Silver tinsel Under Wing :Blue silver fox,then 4-5 straw Angel hair Rainbow Over wing :Black silver fox
  5. Fine for salmon when there is little water in the river
  6. This one is foreetrout In small like 12 -14
  7. Sorry! New pattern from norway Grey and Green
  8. New pattern from Norway Grey and Green
  9. Most butiful vally in Norway
  10. Hear is my home river River Rauma
  11. 11000 nkr. But all the sesan is rent.(i am not very good in english)
  12. This is the river .Orkla!Hear i test may new patterns.I rent beat Metli for one week every year.I have both side of the river 800m.Hi!!See that break!!
  13. A new pattern for salmon .How to dress it: Hock:Partridge singel or dobbel Tag:holografic silver tinsel Butt:Fluoro fibre gold(or gold pheasant topping) Ribb:Oval gold tinsel Body:Pink or red floss silk on 1/3 of the body,black in front Under wing:3-4 ostrich hearl Over wing:Silver fox or tempel dog in black and crystal flash on the side Hacle:Blue Head:Black
  14. Hi! Yes thats one off my favorits for salmon in river Orkla and for see-trout in river Rauma in Romsdal
  15. This is one of my favorites .Its called Red Butt
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