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  1. Flies arrived today WOW what a great bunch of flies. Come to think of it I am starting to feel rather ill Friday all ready
  2. Fly's are in the mail this morning.
  3. Fly's go out in the morning . extras for SM thanks for hosting
  4. I am in Please, how about a Green Weenie, Bluegill love those things?
  5. I am in , please? How about an Bead-Head Chironomid?
  6. About a year ago I was in a swap and missed the deadline. Life had gotten bad, my wife lost her job after 34 years with the same company then her father passed away. it has been a long year, but we have made it through it. The job really didn't matter much but, I still miss that old man he was as good to me as my own father , I have been a lucky man. I know there is no real way to make up for not fallowing through on my swap and all I can do is let everyone know that I am truly sorry for not meeting my commitment. Sorry, MDNTN
  7. Orange Caddis your flies arrived yesterday thanks for participating. All, please let me know when you flies arrive :yahoo: MDNTN
  8. Same here. If you don't here from OC keep my extra fly as well. rich5665 and atroutbum2 , I think I will tie something to replace OC's flies if he is a no show so everyone gets the correct number of flies. MDNTN
  9. Andrewfly fishing, The Tonnie really cool
  10. Andrewfly, fishing your flies have arrived :yahoo: I am going to send one more PM to the participant the that has been MIA, and give him till the end of the week to reply. then if he doesn't we will move forward. Thanks to all who fallowed through. MDNTN
  11. Okay Im in. I will tie the famous TBD
  12. Orange Caddis I sent a PM to you .
  13. Andrewfly fishing your flies haven't arrived yet, but they are traveling a long distance so lets give it a few more days and see it they show up.
  14. I am looking forward to seeing the " toonie " I have never seen one.
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