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  1. Been working on a big sandeel pattern for surf stripers. I've gone with Bob Popovics Jiggie modified with long thin saddles and a chenille. It has to sink head first and maintain a sandeel shape while fishing the wash (the striper was caught with the fly in the shore break)
  2. Classic colors from the Bob Pond Striper Swiper on a Joe Blados Crease Fly
  3. Thank you Capt Bob and Fshng2 it's quite a compliment from other tyers. I've been tying up some bluefish flys for the spring. Blues come on the heels of the mackerel so here's one.
  4. Capt. Bob that sounds like fun for sure sharks in tight... orange is a fav of bluefish. Here's a Steve Farrar (SF)Blend in herring colors for springtime bluefish. Bob Pop Hollow pattern keeps it light to throw and SF is bright. I'm sure stripers would enhale this baby too!
  5. Winter has finally pushed the stripers off shore. Tying will keep me sane...red small Hollow with thin red saddles and red grizzly on top.
  6. I'm still fishing for school stripers here in the NJ surf, my bud had one today. Some fish still around small 18" to 27" monster. Any half way decent day and any moving water I'm still going for a little while. Besides this is when my wife gets to talk and catch up since mid-summer. Stripping down flys to save hooks and hourglass eyes, then cull out all flys that did not make the cut.
  7. Striper surf fishing in Northeast is under way. Lots of chances as big sandeels have moved inshore....Jiggies about 7" or Clousers tyed thin and long.
  8. Pete.....you're the best. I wish I had your life...you suck!
  9. Bob Popovics Hollow Flye in white, light yellow and steel blue....3/0 long shank Gami. No flash trying something different.
  10. Apart from losing the fig8 wraps you need with dumbells what is the change you get with this using cones instead. The forward placement of the head at the hook eye has a "head drop" as Clousers are tyed 1/3 back. Soft lead dumbbell eyes that sometimes break where Jiggy heads are tougher can take shells and rocks (sometimes my head).
  11. Mike the fly is tied with all the materials on the top of the shank. This will make the wing ride up like in unweighted Bonefish flies. I add a tiny amount sometimes to create a throat like on this fly. Here's Bob Popovics at a local club tying a Jiggy. https://youtu.be/CIAB-zITcZk
  12. Big nor'easter headed this way, fish will be on the move a quicker. Bigger baits moving in bigger schools. Bob Popovics Jiggy Flye in some olive yellow white flash with a pink throat....about 5.1/2" long. Stripers should love it.
  13. Dashboard fly porn redux.....albie tutti fruity size #6, chartruse bunny strip, mono tail support, flash, Senyo Lazer Dubbing head and abdomen.
  14. Mullet run in full swing here in NJ. Late September, full moon, rain and easterly winds cook'n early. Striper weather for sure....
  15. Bob Pop's Hollow Flye in Electric Chicken dress. In the water it swims great and it looks like a kid's toy.
  16. Yesterday, 9-21 we had a dozen bass from 16 to 24 on Hollow Flyes and one 6lb bluefish. Today it was summer flounder (a.k.a. fluke) hammering pink Clousers.
  17. I like just looking back thru the pages checking ideas, beautiful saltwater flys by talented tyers willing to share and help. Thanks all Dashboard fly porn
  18. Thank you.Here's an epoxy minnow Flye pattern by Bob Popovics done on silverside colors.
  19. Congratulations on getting on the board. Next one will on before you know it.Here are some pics from this year.
  20. Thanks fellow tyers, coming from this board that means a lot. That little shrimp looks killer....in white it would work around me.
  21. Here are two Lefty's Deceiver, Silverside pattern... adult-sized about 6" smaller version 4". I always have tons of faith in a Deceiver when fishing or tying.
  22. Drago Tails......when I first saw them I thought to myself......eel fly. Here you go
  23. Salty bugger complex twist body. Been using it as a green crab imitation lately.
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