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  1. davidmac

    Gas Prices

    Going to fill the wifes car tommorow.
  2. davidmac

    Gas Prices

    Got gas on the company card today. $173 .Topped up got some oil,Mothers soap and air freshener. NICE....
  3. How about Happy dissin RCR racing. Is he looking to get fired?
  4. 2nd at Bristol Ricky Crudd finaly came thew for me.
  5. davidmac

    Gas Prices

    Dont care what it costs,got a gas card from work.
  6. The 48 car was wrecking the fishing.
  7. Is this ever going to happen or are you going to organize it ot death?
  8. davidmac

    Canada Day..

    What country has W for a leader. What counties poeple voted W in.
  9. davidmac

    Canada Day..

    What state begs another country for its garbage?
  10. davidmac

    Canada Day..

    Both hail from Wawa.
  11. davidmac

    Canada Day..

    Where is Jesus from?
  12. davidmac

    Canada Day..

    What country was first on the moon?
  13. Think Im giving up on the whole "hook" thing. Mabey a lassoo.
  14. davidmac

    Canada Day..

    Who is from the bright red island?
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