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  1. yes, those are stout looking hooks, gorgeous tying !
  2. I think that's just me, I always seem to tie things a bit sparse. thanks. well, I like it, seems more traditional that way, albeit most Wulff's were/are tied heavier
  3. Nice tye, kept the hackle thin on purpose?, looks good, that stuff is brite !
  4. nice tying, one of the classic !
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Fall Favorite <img src="uploads/img4d67f43321fb9.jpg">
  6. Davy

    D Spey

    Nice dressing ! I remember a pattern a fellow fisher way back in the day- (70's) used to tye an fish called a "Mover" he used more olive tones though, anyway, this kind of reminded me of that pattern with all the guinea. Again, nice bug !
  7. Davy


    on small water in late evening light of fall I can see it now ==== CHOMP !!!!
  8. more like Purple "Scary" , nice fly !!!
  9. Nice clean work on the famous and Classic F-Train. Gorgeous colors
  10. that will catch the big ones !!!
  11. These days I find myself tying more trout flies since moving to Oregon. This guy seems to be in everyones flybox here. Atleast in the Willamette river valley: Hook: Mustad 3399 Size 6 to 16 under weight 12 wraps of hook appropriate size lead wire Tail: Oppossum and mylar (peacock) rib: copper wire Body: oppossum thorax: Black Sparkel dubbing legs: partridge
  12. that is great, so edible looking to a fish I would think
  13. that is one sweet dressing!!!! I have a box that could stand a dzn or so of those beauties.
  14. sweet fly Damian, would look even better in my box
  15. yus indeed, I agree, nice one!!!
  16. Davy


    This is the fly I tyed in the virtual tying class earlier tonight. Man, how does one get used to tying in front of people??? Let alone a worldwide audience? Anyway, I dressed the fly with the traditional Dee throat of Jungle, But...within minutes I had pulled it out, having decided it took"away" from the rest of the fly. Let me know. Thanks to Ronn and the gang, for letting me "invade" , hair and all , it was delightful and hope I may return. Fly is loosely based on a famous NW pattern named the "Spawning Purple" I believe attributed to Dave McNeese or possibly John Shewey. I know these are colors that work for the Santiam river here in Oregon, regardless.
  17. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: SpawningDee
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