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  1. those are killer looking !
  2. yes, those are stout looking hooks, gorgeous tying !
  3. I think that's just me, I always seem to tie things a bit sparse. thanks. well, I like it, seems more traditional that way, albeit most Wulff's were/are tied heavier
  4. Nice tye, kept the hackle thin on purpose?, looks good, that stuff is brite !
  5. nice tying, one of the classic !
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Fall Favorite <img src="uploads/img4d67f43321fb9.jpg">
  7. Davy

    D Spey

    Nice dressing ! I remember a pattern a fellow fisher way back in the day- (70's) used to tye an fish called a "Mover" he used more olive tones though, anyway, this kind of reminded me of that pattern with all the guinea. Again, nice bug !
  8. on small water in late evening light of fall I can see it now ==== CHOMP !!!!
  9. more like Purple "Scary" , nice fly !!!
  10. Nice clean work on the famous and Classic F-Train. Gorgeous colors
  11. that will catch the big ones !!!
  12. These days I find myself tying more trout flies since moving to Oregon. This guy seems to be in everyones flybox here. Atleast in the Willamette river valley: Hook: Mustad 3399 Size 6 to 16 under weight 12 wraps of hook appropriate size lead wire Tail: Oppossum and mylar (peacock) rib: copper wire Body: oppossum thorax: Black Sparkel dubbing legs: partridge
  13. gawd awful fantastic!!!! sumthin about blue
  14. that is great, so edible looking to a fish I would think
  15. the subtle contrast's are amazing, #$#$ pretty dressing
  16. one thing about feathers and UV , is they need to come from birds near or in the mating season. Atleast I think that i ssome of what DM has taught us. Male Red Wings in the spring are excellent but later on lose their UV reflectivness(sp). This is what Dave studies in his relentless pursuit of butterflies is the correlation of UV in insect mating activity and birds, hence feathers.
  17. that is one sweet dressing!!!! I have a box that could stand a dzn or so of those beauties.
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