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  1. I haven't tied any flies since October of 2018 due to a bunch of medical experiences and moving back down from Pullman, WA to Los Angeles. My youngest daughter Ally, who is in Veterinary Medicine School at WSU , in Pullman, bought me some tying goodies for Xmas and told me that it was time to get back on the horse... Xmas gift.. Some #18 (TMC 2488H) HOT VAC's with thread bodies, I tied up on Saturday. I will be setting up my photo area and shooting individual pics soon... PT/TB
  2. My son got this lamp and is setting up a tying table for me so I can start tying flies again for the first time since October 2018. Lots of medical stuff in 2019 and 2020. My other light is attached to my desk up in Pullman, WA. This one will be here in Los Angeles with me... PT/TB🤗
  3. The two variant's listed at the bottom of this link are very effective on the Upper Owens River in the Eastern Sierra: https://flyfishingthesierra.com/birdnest.htm PT/TB
  4. If there is a desire to really get into soft hackles, I would suggest these books rather than YouTube videos: https://www.amazon.com/Tying-Fishing-Soft-Hackled-Nymphs-Allen/dp/1571884033/ref=pd_lpo_14_img_0/141-0188762-8703929?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=1571884033&pd_rd_r=9313c41c-14c0-492b-88fe-db91776ef7d7&pd_rd_w=wN5cx&pd_rd_wg=AjJqs&pf_rd_p=7b36d496-f366-4631-94d3-61b87b52511b&pf_rd_r=CDX55DJ8PV0QM3E1NEM9&psc=1&refRID=CDX55DJ8PV0QM3E1NEM9 https://www.amazon.com/Soft-Hackled-Fly-Hackles-Trout-Fishermans/dp/0811701514/ref=pd_sbs_14_1/141-0188762-8703929?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0811701514&pd_rd_r=96039b16-94f1-4267-9739-d3f0194b9bb6&pd_rd_w=UxzLU&pd_rd_wg=cxHOd&pf_rd_p=ed1e2146-ecfe-435e-b3b5-d79fa072fd58&pf_rd_r=1FA727NR52BRTSAX8ZVR&psc=1&refRID=1FA727NR52BRTSAX8ZVR https://www.amazon.com/Fly-Fishing-Soft-Hackles-Nymphs-Emergers-Flies/dp/0811716848/ref=pd_bxgy_img_3/141-0188762-8703929?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0811716848&pd_rd_r=51d29e67-4150-4d35-88e7-40a6d7c2435b&pd_rd_w=oVsOp&pd_rd_wg=evsNJ&pf_rd_p=ce6c479b-ef53-49a6-845b-bbbf35c28dd3&pf_rd_r=WDCATV5XH9XJ25GPS9E6&psc=1&refRID=WDCATV5XH9XJ25GPS9E6 https://www.amazon.com/Wet-Flies-Fishing-Soft-Hackles-Flymphs/dp/0811716244/ref=pd_sbs_14_2/141-0188762-8703929?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0811716244&pd_rd_r=ba9a6eec-08e1-4536-8bda-63e35a9526fe&pd_rd_w=jpwWQ&pd_rd_wg=R5Izm&pf_rd_p=ed1e2146-ecfe-435e-b3b5-d79fa072fd58&pf_rd_r=20W7SCY7QY8SF5TW41C2&psc=1&refRID=20W7SCY7QY8SF5TW41C2 You may have an interest in Allen McGee's website: http://allenmcgee.blogspot.com PT/TB
  5. I had cataract surgery in June 2018. It was like getting a new set of eyeballs...colors and sharpness vastly improved. FYI: Renzetti makes midge jaws, but I have never needed them and tie easily down to #22 ,with the standard jaws: https://www.feather-craft.com/renzetti-midge-cam-jaws PT/TB
  6. Bob Marriott's...no one else ever came close to all the stuff inside: PT/TB
  7. "Willy's Pip" was designed as a midge pupa pattern. As it states on the link below, it is related to the Palomino Midge - one of the best midge patterns I have ever fished in the Eastern Sierra and on the Madison River: http://evergreentrout.org/Flies/WillysPip.htm PT/TB
  8. Hey Artin, The TMC 16/0 thread was manufactured at a factory in Thailand. I got the guys at The Spot and Bob Marriott's to stock it after it came out. When I became aware that it was being discontinued, I grabbed every last of spool that Marriott's had...You might want to contact Tiemco directly, in Japan and see if they can steer you to the original manufacturing plant in Thailand...I have enough left to last for awhile... This is Tiemco's Japanese site. *Note that they are still in the biz of making fly tying materials: https://www.tiemco.co.jp/eng/groups/index/type_id:2/category_id:13 Hope you can get them to put you in the right direction. Semper-Fli 18/0 Nano Silk is OK as an option, but it lacks the characteristics that made tiers like Charlie Craven and Juan Ramirez rave about Tiemco 16/0 for the little guys...See you on the water, my friend ! PT/TB
  9. If you happen to have a copy of Shane's book, one can see exactly what the original medallion sheeting looked like and how he uses it in his patterns: Here is a link to the Medallion Sheeting that Hareline currently distributes and yes, it is not the same as the original material: http://hareline.com/med.html Fortunately, for me, I bought a ton of Medallion Sheeting and Flashback material when Bob Marriott's had all of it in stock. The original MS was very shiny unlike the current offering...Umpqua still offers John Bett's Zing Wing, which is similar...but it only comes in clear: https://www.umpqua.com/products/fly-tying/materials/betts-zing Here are some diving, female BWO's tied using the original Lt. Dun Medallion Sheeting. It is a GLF pattern; PT/TB
  10. Retired now, but back in the day, Public Relations and Management in the Entertainment Biz. PT/TB
  11. I started tying flies in Feb. 1974. The guys that got me started were the two brothers that worked for their Dad at the Fishermen's Spot in Sherman Oaks, CA. These were the first books that got me going: There have been periods that my tying has been more active than other times because that's how it is and other interests and responsibilities came into play. My focus has always been on tying patterns for Trout because I grew up fishing in the Eastern Sierra and have always targeted that species. Recently, I once again started tying Steelhead patterns, after moving up to Pullman, WA while my youngest daughter gets her degree in Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. Unfortunately, Steelhead and Salmon stocks are crashing here in the PNW so immediate future efforts will once again be on Trout flies for Idaho and points East... PT/TB
  12. I use TMC, Daiichi, Mustad, Fulling Mill, Hanak, Firehole, Dohiku, Gamakatsu, Partridge, Alec Jackson and Hends... PT/TB
  13. These days, I usually use it as an additive to other dubbings for the thorax on Mayflies and bodies on some Caddis and Stonefly patterns... PT/TB
  14. Higa's S.O.S. was originally tied in Black and designed as a Baetis pattern in sizes #16-#20. With the red wing case, it falls more into the attractor category so anything goes. I have seen them tied in Olive, Tan, Pink & Purple - generally in those same sizes... PT/TB
  15. I have used Ligas dubbing since the early 80's when I got it for this price. It's $2.00 these days. I find that it is a much coarser material than Anton from either Wapsi or Spirit River (Hareline) and it does not have the natural sparkle of either. It might be more manageable after carding, but I have never tried it as a substitute for patterns that call for Antron... I use the two combs below to prepare Antron for use as a veil on GLF's Sparkle Pupa. I doubt I would get the same results with Ligas dubbing... PT/TB
  16. I don't think Trout really have a preference and haven't noticed that there have been any refusals with the wing case tied on top: http://www.tacticalflyfisher.com/blog/wingcases-shellbacks-and-wings-to-invert-or-not-to-invert-that-is-the-question/ PT/TB
  17. Steve probably re-named and moved his site. He has an online store ,which is probably better served by a different host than Tripod. PT/TB
  18. I use a lot of Myran compartment boxes for soft hackles but specifically used this Wheatley Box for a bunch that I tied up for Fall use in the Firehole River, in Yellowstone National Park: Myran... Myran... Wheatley... PT/TB
  19. Shane Stalcup GLF Ralph Cutter Craig Matthews Hans Van Klinken Allen McGee Cal Bird Rick Takahashi John Barr Rim Chung Taylor "Beartracks" Williams Roy Patrick Eric Leiser Hans Weilenmann Jude Duran Charlie Kelly Tim Fox Mike Mercer Greg Vinci Pat Dorsey Skip Morris Mike Mercer Rowan Nyman Ross A. Marigold ...and a bunch of other folks PT/TB
  20. EP Trigger Point International Fiber material is treated with Water Shed. The regular EP Fibers are not. As far as I know, none of the other suggested substitutes listed in the above comments are treated with Water Shed. http://www.hareline.com/epq.html This is Water Shed: https://www.feather-craft.com/watershed-permanent-waterproofing-liquid ...and Poly, although it has inherent floating characteristics, does not come in as wide a color range as EP Trigger Point Fibers... Rowan Nyman's DOA Cripple BWO...I use a lot of TP INT'l for Mayflies, Midges & Caddis patterns... PT/TB
  21. I recently purchased this Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling for steelheading on The Grande Ronde, Clearwater, Snake & Salmon Rivers. It works just fine: https://www.patagonia.com/product/stealth-atom-fly-fishing-sling-pack-8-liters/48327.html?dwvar_48327_color=FGE&cgid=sport-fly-fishing-packs-gear#tile-9=&start=1&sz=24 PT/TB
  22. THIS...get it, read it, incorporate the information into the ties used to fish emerging behavior: https://www.amazon.com/Tying-Emergers-Complete-Ted-Leeson/dp/1571883061 PT/TB
  23. I have about ten years of patterns I have tied on my Blog. All of the recipes have been entered into spiral notebooks that I keep: I just like to keep a handwritten record of the ties that I do... PT/TB
  24. I have always enjoyed your ties Lucian. The link that was put up by chugbug27, to Steve Schalla's site, features many of the patterns that I have found useful in the Eastern Sierra and in Montana. Although this isn't strictly a Zebra Midge, it is a Paul Freeman pattern that he developed for the San Juan River. It has served me well over the past couple of seasons... PT/TB
  25. 90 traditional Steelhead patterns: Now it's time to start swinging them in some of these places: PT/TB
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