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  1. Now that one is something i really like. verry nice ty :headbang:
  2. Nice! Seatrout will go crazy in aprill.
  3. I am so happy and impressed with the huge skill and knowlege among the members in this forum, thanx alot. i will try that and see if i can manage to make one 2 morrow.
  4. Tobbe1

    Way off Topic

    Here is some good reading for you all. The book is called. On Killing: By Dave Grossman. READ IT ist really good. I am a firm believer of that guns dont kill people, people kill people. Guns just makes killing a LITTLE bit easier cause of the proximity elimination to target. I bet if you look it up then cars kills more people than aggrevated assaults with guns does. (Not counting cassualties of war of course)
  5. Ah ok. Thanks. So i keep the fly as it is but with not full grown wings and maby antennas pointing backwards (as it is surfacing) and maby som pupa leftovers in the back. lets see ill tie one up and post it here. Question, how come there are so manny caddis patterns with large wings and massive hackle if simulating a fully grown is rather useles from a fishing point of vue ? I´ve got to read some books on this. Oh I found a cool site with pics of an emerging caddis fly check it out .................. Now I have another question. It looks like they are hatching on land or just where the water meets land? Is this true? If so then imitating a hatching caddis is useles. Dont think ill catch a trofe fish in one inch of water. Better imitate one that is swiming towards the surface then.
  6. Really a pro tying. beautifull fly.
  7. Freezer 1 week. Hiding it, well thats a different storry. cant you get help from a friend and use his place?
  8. HI all. Posting one emerging and one just emerged. The air buble in the wing will keep the emerged caddis floating. thats why ive done the wing with a "stretched" and glued plastic bag on These are prototypes so pleas comment so I can progress. If you dont like em say so and viceversa.
  9. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by musotobbe: The Pheasanst Confession
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by musotobbe: Pongo Pygmaeus
  11. Now this is a fly right up my alley. Awsome. Dont know what else to say. Its just there.
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