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  1. One thing I have noticed about the fish down here in Florida, at least the redfish and snook, is that on cold but sunny days they tend to like mudbanks, especially black mud. That stuff retains heat pretty well and they seem to gravitate towards it like a space heater. Sinking flies and jigs fished slowly work. I fish a lot of backwater creeks for snook and normally fish the outside curves where the deeper holes are, but on cold sunny days find a lot of them sunning on the inside curve where there is a shallow muddy bank with slow drop off. I spooked quite a few with the jon boat before realizing this. I usually cast the inside curve bank first when approaching and then settle the boat on the bank and fish the outside curve thoroughly. This works well for back creek reds and trout too, though the trout tend to be in the deeper holes more.
  2. Good stuff Denduke. I recently ate bass for the first time and it was pretty tasty
  3. Thanks for your generous offer and for Mikes generosity as well, even though I tried to snake him by bidding one ounce over him😁
  4. I'll do the Price is Right bid.: 9lbs 9oz
  5. Good stuff on ways to fish it, thanks for info everyone
  6. How do you fish these in still water? Do you pop them like a popper? Slide them across the surface? Let them still?
  7. That would probably work well with a sinking line too, like some do with crease flies
  8. out to the gulf stream when I realized I forgot the tackle box. Deep sea fishing with only the hooks that were left on the rods from the last trip. Of course we got into sharks so it became a day for pleasure boating
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    Not sure why that one didn’t embed
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    I saw Joan Baez this summer in Rome. Nearing 80 but her voice is still incredible https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1ST9TZBb9v8
  11. Sweet looking fly! Great video
  12. I asked the waitress for a quickie and she slapped me. The old lady next to me leaned over and said it's pronounced quiche, dear.
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    I dig your taste in music, Islander
  14. If your going to be on the east coast in central Florida along the Space Coast or Treasure Coast, beach access is plentiful and easy to come by, particularly between Melbourne and Ft Pierce. Also, the beaches there are not crowded compared to other parts of Florida and tend not have to many people at all, so hitting the beach at dawn isnt necessary for a crowd point of view (but certainly helps with fishing). Blues wont be around in big numbers until late fall and bonito tend to be out in blue water. You will find snook, tarpon, ladyfish, jack, among other species. White baitfish flies like deceivers work well. Look for signs of life like baitfish boiling or birds diving. The real experts can read the currents and know where the cuts between the bars are. Those guys will catch fish on the beach when no one else does. Talk to local tackle shops for the best info, they tend to be very friendly and generous with tips on fishing the area.
  15. I think its cool looking. I think the biggest problem with casting a fly with that big disc would be wind resistance. If using as s fly I would just go with a much smaller disc, but I could see how that bigger disc would be the way to when trolling. The biggest problem with the video is the angle of the camera. A head on view would be much better if your work area allowed for it
  16. Beautiful flies! The only thing I would add would be some Bobs Bangers. Not only are they durable, you can just change out the heads if one gets beat up by toothy critters, but It also creates a much bigger pop and disturbance than a crease fly and has a great dipping action like an offshore chugger trolling lure.
  17. The first thing I would do is find a local bait and tackle shop (not a big superstore like Bass Pro but a Mom and Pop's type place). The tackle shop guys are usually very helpful in offering advice on everything from rod and reel set up to what bait/fly/lure to use and possible places to fish. If they are not being helpful, go somewhere else.
  18. I love the wiggle minnow but have never tied then that small. Your white one on top looks like the face is cut too flat, almost like a popper. I cut the face at about s 45 degree angle. On the retrieve, I usually keep the top 6 inches or so of my rod tip submerged in the water while stripping
  19. Try wiping it with a dryer sheet
  20. Vicrider, I prefer Florida whitetail for just the reasons you mentioned. I can use the hair nearly at the base without it flaring as opposed to the northern ones where, like you said, you ned to stick with the upper 2/3. The hair is a bit shorter, maybe 2-4 inches long as opposed to up to 6 inches, but I have not found many uses for 6 inch buck tail, and I'm a saltwater tyer. I always figured the lack of flaring was that due to the warm climates the Florida deer did not have as much hollow hair near the base but that is purely a guess and probably wrong.
  21. I would look into Whitetail Fly tying. It used to be Chris Helm's business and had some of the best hair around. If the new people run it like he did, that would be where I would look first.
  22. Very nice! On the east coast, nothing beats a croaker for really big snook
  23. As PJ stated, the record is 94 lbs 2 oz. Mike, you may have been looking up a line class record, or perhaps the Florida state record? There have been several recorded instances of 90+ pounders being caught up in that area. https://www.sportfishingmag.com/largest-redfish-in-the-world-igfa#page-10
  24. Damn thats a slob! I remember reading an article about a guy who caught a 90+ pounder off the beach somewhere up that way. Might have been in the Carolinas, cant remember. Thing didnt even look like a red
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