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  1. Im going to name the next fly I design TBD. That way it will look like everyone just signing up for a swap is tying my fly 😁
  2. I havent heard from Dave in a few years. Last I heard was same as you, that he was getting back surgery. I hope he is doing alright. Itd be great to have him back around here. Whatever happened to Ben (chefben)? I havent seen him for a while here
  3. Sweet fly PJ! One thing I often do when using Icelandic sheep for the tail is use a sparse clump of bucktail for support rather than the mono. It doesnt take much but does help with fouling
  4. Very nicely done. One more thing about these style of flies is that in addition to being weedless, they are great for casting up into mangroves and tree lines since you can pop them out without hanging up when you cast too far into the trees.
  5. Awesome looking fly! I agree about the icelandic she, its one of my favorites as well. HAs such great action in the water and is surprising durable for how soft it is.
  6. I usually don't coat popper heads but often do for crease flies. I have found that UV resin cracks easily. I use Aileen's Fabric Fusion now and it works well.
  7. Yes, I usually it in the salt a lot. It is strong enough to take some big fish and won't rust right away if you rinse it after use.
  8. I enjoy tying and fishing tubes though I don't do them too often. One thing you will notice is the amount of thread you will go through, you will burn a spool a lot faster than with normal flies. As said above, I think the hook helps keel the fly tp track correctly but as Eastern Fly noted, you may need to add weight depending on materials, fly pattern, etc. I haven't had this issue but it would prove an easy fix.
  9. Goop is great for attaching eyes. One good thing is the excess gels and can easily be picked away with a bodkin
  10. Nice. Ive had a lot of luck on Long As. Another one I really like for big jettie snook is the Windcheater. I prefer the 5 inch model. It used tone made by Rebel but I think they were bought out by whoever makes Bombers since thats the name they are branded under now
  11. I disagree with the other posters, I think you did a fine job. If you just want to see patterns with no explanation, there are countless videos for that on YouTube. This is great for beginners in that you explain everything and show how to measure proportions and even correct them while tying if they are off. Also the tip of phone aging the buck tail into the cone head is one most beginners, and perhaps some non beginners, would not know or think of. On another note, this type of simple fly can be deadly bin a lot of situations. One fly that ive heard used to be popular in the salt was simply a clump of bucktail tied behind the eye. No body or anything else and they produced well
  12. I'd love to see those things fanned out, it'd probably cover a garage door!
  13. Got mine yesterday, great looking jigs, Thanks for hosting, it was a great idea
  14. Nice! I bet those cats worked you around a bit on a tenkara rod. If you were in a boat you could have let them drag you around like the old tuna fisherman used to do! Got a pic of the fly dry?
  15. Very nice! I live fire tiger, works great on snook too
  16. Sorry for your loss, Adam. Pass mine along as well, or keep it as an extra.
  17. Absolutely! The old adage down here is if it ain't pink your hands won't stink (like fish). Pink is one of my all around favorite colors, they absolutely love it for some reason. Chartreuse being the other, and combing the two in electric chicken is deadly. The colors really pop in the tannicy waters of the gulf. One of my all time favorite flies for the gulf, I prefer it with a chartreuse head though.
  18. Great stuff! I'm curious to hear how those gurgles with the discs work. Looks like it could be killer
  19. It's funny that Lefty Kreh first described them this way. I first learned to tie by watching an instructional video in which Lefty tied it the way Clouser does with the wing on the bottom. I wonder if he switched or was just adhering to the original pattern since it was an instructional video. In any case, I like tying them this way with the wing on one side. It works great and is a lot faster to tie. I love the idea of the "outrigger" style weed guard for turtle grass. I fish a lot of flats up here that are miles of thick turtle grass, I'll have to try these out.
  20. If I add antennae I usually use crystal flash, sometimes the woven kind which is thicker but does unravel. You could try Moose mane if you want something stiffer. Great looking flies but don't be afraid to go small too. Some of my best flies are tied on #4 hooks, especially for reds but also for snook, trout, and everything else. This is especially the case if you plan on fishing the lights, clear water beaches, or on flats that are full of pods of glass minnows. You'd be surprised at how big of a fish will nail a small bait!
  21. Make your own. Masons hard mono with bead and coated in UV
  22. Did mine ever make it? I sent them over a week ago so they should be there by now
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