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  1. Nicely done. Grassett sure has come up with some outstanding patterns
  2. 😂😂🤣 This one took me a minute
  3. agn54

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    Nice call Islander, one of my favorites
  4. It's funny, up north people call them false albacore and treat them like a game fish, down here in Florida they're called bonita (aka bonies or boneheads) and often viewed as a trash fish and a nuisance. Personally, I love them, they have saved many a slow day for me. They get real thick on our east coast in the summer but tend to stay in the blue water. Down by the palm beaches where the gulf stream is a mile out they regularly get close to the beach. They are a blast to get off the pier, but can cause chaos and tangles galore when its crowded. I agree about the meat, they are bloody as can be but make great cut bait for snapper and grouper. I have only eaten one and it was actually pretty tasty but my buddy made it in a cajun stew with tons of spices and seasons so the taste of the meat was pretty well masked. Never did get one on a fly but its gotta be a blast to tangle with them, even the little guys.
  5. Great pics! This trawlers look like they leave a buffet line behind them. How far offshore do you have to go for the albies?
  6. I use junction tubing but Piker now has me curious to how necessary it is. Next outing I'll try one without it and see what happens
  7. I love me some tubes. Some great looking flies in this thread. I think I need to break out the tube attachment again. I took a page out of petegray's book and welded this one
  8. I agree with wanting to cast the rod first but if you're looking for the warranty Steve has you covered. I broke a ferrule on a 4 pc 8 wt he built simply casting it because I'm an idiot and didn't have the end two pieces correctly connected. Oddly, it broke on the male section which was unusual and made it more difficult to repair. Steve wanted to just replace the whole section but the blank was discontinued so he fixed it with an insert, test casted it, and sent it back. Rod works beautifully and has taken some nice fish since. Repair was free, only had to pay shipping. Good luck getting that kind of service anywhere else. Also one thing to note with "lifetime warranties", they are not for your lifetime or the lifetime of the product. They are for the lifetime of the company, so a lifetime warranty from a reputable company that you are confident will be in business a while is worth more than a start up company that may fold in a few years.
  9. I wonder if some of those scars were from people trying to snag them. I remember back in Miami I used to see people all the time walking the Interstate canal banks with big trebles and snatch hooks trying to get peacocks.
  10. I have no idea if they make a difference or not but they certainly aren't necessaary on all patterns. There are plenty of patterns like Chico Fernandez's snapping shrimp don't use them and catch the hell out of fish. I use them on most of mine because I like how they look. Personally I think it's the overall movement of the fly rather than any one aspect that triggers the bite, but I'm just guessing.
  11. That would be a cool table to hold a class on. Everyone would be close enough to see and copy what each other is doing
  12. Count me in, I'll do bass/bluegill flies
  13. Very cool matuka! I thought about zonkering a few strips of this, definitely will try it now
  14. Haha! who needs to drop all that money for a Nor-vise?
  15. He was a great one for sure. He's a local hero here in Gainesville.
  16. Tied this one up the other day. Looks great in the water. Couple of bites on it but no takers. Had to give up the long rod anyway after the wind kicked up. Very cool looking fur.
  17. Nice job on the lizard fish, and those other things too I guess! I've known people who swear blowfish are delicious, but I wouldn't eat one. Too many other really good eating fish ouy there I'll stick with.
  18. Based on the colorings of those fish it seems the water must be pretty clear down there. It is similar up here in the Big Bend. Before the storm, the water out on the flats was like coffee and the fish were real dark The eye turned inland and missed our west coast but there was an incredible pull from the wind and current and all the water was sucked out. The Steinhatchee river, which is a pretty good sized river for these parts, was completely dry except for the channel in the middle. Floating docks were sitting on mud. I guess all the freshwater got sucked out and salty ocean water came back in because when I was out last weekend it was all of a sudden gin clear. I've never seen it clear up so quickly, it usually does so gradually over weeks. The fishing was even better than before though, but the fish were brighter (I didn't get any pictures of those for some reason but I had 23" trout and 23" red that weren't quite silver but were much brighter than the earlier ones). Whatever happened, it seems the fishing all up the west coast is great right now
  19. Nice ties Caloosa, look a lot like the DT special, a great beach and dock light snook fly
  20. I got mine today too, great looking fur. Reminds me a bit like badger
  21. A while back we had a couple of material swap boxes going around on this site but the boxes eventually "disappeared". It was a cool idea because you could try new materials you otherwise wouldn't buy even if they weren't the highest quality. When I got it there was some decent stuff in there I was curious about. If one were to do it now though it would need to be better organized than the last one and there should be something like a minimum post count to participate.
  22. I'd love to try this out. Very generous of you
  23. Andrew was in 1992, I remember it all too well, we were only a few miles north of the eye. Dang thing just sat on Miami for hours. We finally went outside around dawn with the wins settling down to the 40's or so and my neighborhood looked like a war zone. I've been through several hurricanes since and they all seemed like thunderstorms after Andrew. Hopefully this one dodges the islands, veers north and just dissipates over the Atlantic, it looks real bad right now.
  24. I don't care what you call it, that's a great looking fly! Love the action in the water, nothing moves like rabbit. As I said back when you started posting these, adding underwater footage adds a great dimension to your videos that is lacking in most others. You always hear guys say things like 'rabbit has great action' but it's another thing to actually see it. Nice job of incorporating various styles of retrieves, especially for this type of fly that can be fished multiple ways
  25. Looks like it's just pseudo hair. Tail tied in normal and the head tied hollow style and then held in place with silicone, softex, or something similar
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