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  1. Dang it Dave, we swore we'd never talk about that night
  2. Dave, they let you out?! Man, I really have no faith in the judicial system anymore. i know those Turkish prisons can be tough, but hopefully you're able to sit now. It's great to see you back, it was getting way too normal around here
  3. I've never tied mouse patterns but I wonder if you could use a piece of leather shoelace like the type that comes on topsiders?
  4. I'll jump in on this one. I had to miss the crab swap so don't want to miss this too. Add147, to be honest, any generic baitfish will do. In fact, pretty much any bass pattern will work well since they hit the same artificials and in the same colors (firetiger works especially well). I used to know a guy that regularly caught snook on plastic worms. Since pretty much any baifish pattern can be a snook fly, I think I'll do one specifically designed for them and do a small white baitfish designed for the beaches and dock lights. maybe a DT special if I have the hackle or something similar.
  5. Probably be like when people tenkara fish for tuna 😁
  6. Salty, I did pretty well on nice trout in the Sebastian area a few months back. You may want to try down that way until things recover up by you. The snook have been solid down there too. I think the inlet may help some with keeping the algae blooms from being too devastating since much of it can flow out on the ongoing. Although there was a pretty bad grass die off around the inlet a few years back, the grass is coming back nicely now.
  7. Great looking fly fshng2! I love the hackles for the tail. Ive had a lot of luck on something similar but with buck tail/Icelandic sheep for the tail. II'll definitely be stealing your idea.
  8. agn54


    That's why I always carry a spinning rod or bait caster as well as the fly rod. I'd much rather toss a jig or plug in heavy wind than get frustrated with the long rod in the wind.
  9. Unfortunately I'm going have to sit this one out. Looks like it could be a great swap but I'm currently out of the country and don't know if I'll have time to get to them when I get back. Please post pics of the set though, I'd live to see what everyone ties
  10. Good stuff Piker. The thing about bronze hooks rusting is they need oxygen to do it quickly, so unless the fish jumps with its mouth open a lot the hooks are not going to corrode like they do in the tackle box. Personally I bend the barbs down on my hooks (I do this for my own benefit since I have a tendency to get poked when taking fish off), hopefully it has a better shot at wiggling out on its own
  11. Hey PJ, you look great in the tutu, did you lose weight? Looks like you've been working out👍
  12. I sent mine about a week and a half ago so hopefully they arrive soon
  13. Agree on Tim Borski, the Borski shrimp is one of the best flies around
  14. Piker there are various reasons, but whenever I do that it is because the fly is meant for toothy fish like mackerel and bluefish snd the hook shank acts as a bite tippet that helps prevent break offs. This is especially helpful when fishing in super clear water where wire leader or tippet can turn the fish off
  15. Simple one in colors the usually work in my waters, especially when the waters are dark and tannicy
  16. Beautiful snook! Where you fishing? Still got another month if you're willing to head east
  17. This would probably do well on crappie too. A Marabou Miss is basically the same fly but with chenille for the body. It's popular around here for crappie, especially in pink or chartreuse.
  18. Man those are some lunkers! The bass are nice too
  19. Beautiful work Peter! Man, you live in a beautiful place. Looks similar to one of the areas I fish where we have one of the few stretches of undeveloped coast left in Florida, straight marshland
  20. Welcome to the forum, you have some beautiful flies on your site. I hope to fish the Dolomites or some of the lakes in Lombardy some day, it seems beautiful up there. I've spent a lot of time in Rome but haven't been able to get much further north than Tuscany so far
  21. Very cool flies, Philly! Is the shad fly tied with Flashblend? For non dark over light, you can't go wrong with all white Or chartreuse or all black or barred Sometimes just contrast is great When in doubt, go with the old red head-white body. There's a reason they have made plugs in that color pattern, it doesn't get much more deadly than that
  22. agn54

    Marine Hacks

    For those of you using stabilizer for E10 gas, have you tried using non-ethanol gas? I use it and haven't any problems with bad gas even after then it sits. It cost a bit more but worth it since ethanol can wreak havoc. I also flush the motor after every use (absolutely necessary in the salt but I would do it too if I ever went in freshwater as well) and pull the fuel line so the gas runs out of the motor. This way there is never sitting gas in it.
  23. Beautiful work but how much do the urethane coats harden the grips? The softness of cork is what makes it such a great material for grips.
  24. Cool video, looks like a beautiful place to fish
  25. Years ago some guy posted a fly on here tied with a condom for the tail. He swore it worked but it sure looked funny. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=47715&hl=condom
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