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  1. hi adam, i live in borden, and by far my most efective fly is a hellgramite nymph, im mostly fishing for steelhead in tidal areas though. never fished a pink mystery, but a search concluded it was built in pei, for pei....its a wet. also another guy to look up is steve murphy, he hangs out at the fly shop, and is a wealth of info.
  2. so thats where they went!!!!! great fish
  3. 1 large maroon 1 large sand canadian shipping also Will
  4. Brewer

    Forum Slow

    33.something something seconds from this topic to the "fly tying" link in the top left hand corner of the page, right under jstockards link..............wow. and it was at this time
  5. been seriously checking out the JS egg material deal as of late, mcflyfoam for under $3.00 , shipping to canada is going to be the kicker tho
  6. there was a hatches article on the subject a while back.........its in the may issue, tried to post a link, but screwed it up :wallbash: .
  7. i betcha the gurus on the rod building forum could help ya out. the dt6f looks like a double taper 6 wt floating line though :dunno:
  8. heyyyyy, i recognize that spot. thanks danny. nice fish man
  9. thinking about these myself. is it possible to weight these??, or am i going to have to use split shot
  10. used to live in an apartment building, and moved from one unit to another.......its amazing what you can do with shopping carts
  11. i hate moving too, but if its for bigger and better, its not so bad. rental charges on the truck should be cheap enough. good luck daryn. insert theme song for "the jeffersons" here.
  12. Brewer

    Whats your poison?

    just beer, things tend to get lost, or broken on the hard stuff....its usually me that gets lost, or broken
  13. Brewer


    big ole bump, freds goin through hoops to raise some bucks here people, from what i see, hes got a third of whats invested.....time not included
  14. what alex said........ also, helps to fold the feather before the tie in. i find it gives it a more agressive look
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