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  1. im sorry i missed this, love seeing others techniqes......guess ill have to wait till dieppe
  2. hi adam, i live in borden, and by far my most efective fly is a hellgramite nymph, im mostly fishing for steelhead in tidal areas though. never fished a pink mystery, but a search concluded it was built in pei, for pei....its a wet. also another guy to look up is steve murphy, he hangs out at the fly shop, and is a wealth of info.
  3. i dont see the point of this whole thread....ebay is a public auction, and this is a public website.....im not seeing the problem. if some people arent willing to pay a price....then dont bid. ebay is all about making bucks, and also saving a few.
  4. ditto what damian said.....and welcome. question.....why did you lurk so long? Mike
  5. good luck to you damian, im sure youll get them. and ronn, ive seen your storage, albeit online, but thatd be a full time job, wouldnt it??
  6. shouldnt feel intimidated at all with a tie like that! great fly
  7. the list alone could be 24 pages, and you WOULD have to sell a kidney or something.....if someone were to ask me, i tell them to pick a fly, buy the material for that particular fly, tie it....then pick another fly, so on and so on......
  8. so thats where they went!!!!! great fish
  9. 1 large maroon 1 large sand canadian shipping also Will
  10. that is one very well tied fly, from front to back, and top to bottom.
  11. the shoulders were on there before the roof. it just looks that way in the pic, i need a tripod...i was hoping the roof would kind of keep them down a bit, not the case. ive removed the roof, and the shoulders, and after all advice...seems the problem was a little of everything. firstly, after a closer look, they WERE mounted on top of the head, this wasnt the origional position, but its where it ended up. secondly, the strips i cut were wimpy, as in too skinny. i figure this is the reason they moved after the tie in. also cut them longer this time. thirdly, i did have to put a banana (bend) in the strip. the tie in point, and the tips were the only things hugging the wing. dave, are you saying ive got them on the wrong sides??, as in left on right, and vice versa?? makintrax, this is a pattern i seen dave post a while ago and liked it...i think its a malone pattern?? thanks for encouragement guys
  12. didnt tie it off yet because i cant get the wood duck shoulders flat?? any ideas??. they look the same on both sides
  13. funny, but in this guys defense...sells some amazing eyed argus feathers
  14. dave, this is probably the best tied fly ive seen. in my eye, this is perfectly proportioned to the hook. the tail to topping, and all things in between. the body is a given. "A game" or not....ive got new wallpaper thanks
  15. cant comment on em all dave, some of us hardly comment at all, not that i dont appreciate each and every post, also each and every effort....i dont feel i have the experience to comment at all. agreed on the rap thing, my oppinion.....music shouldnt come from a machine
  16. you keep breaking new ground Bud, much appreciated<spelling. a classic tyer in our own time. Mike
  17. yup, the old whiting spey cape was......a silkie chicken, rooster maybe....kinda like thinned out marabou. not sure about the new stuff
  18. im sure i saw an auction(s) for antique hooks on ebay recently, and am sure they were ron reinholds. i happened to click on his other auctions, and he had a crapload of the same gut you are talking about, all different sizes. maybe get his contact info, or wait till he puts up another auction
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