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  1. if you look at lucs feedback rating, it also lets you know what the same people....over, and over again....are willing to pay. kinda puts the kybosh on us working folk.........my pet peave i guess.



    i dont think J.Mc has an interest in making dollars off of the kori, hes, well, kinda the poster child for kori.....for lack of better words

  2. a recent auction, and another recently brought up on this board has got me to thinking.....if i knew everyones ebay handles, i wouldnt be bidding against another forum member, and driving the price up!,

    (unless your the seller, in which case, this idea sucks).

    but what im thinking, (and this happens rarely),....if we know another forum member is bidding, and instead of bidding against, maybe get ahold of said member, and maybe bid WITH that member, split the spoils. its going to be a win win situation....i guess even for the seller.

    thoughts on this???





  3. late reply here royce, i didnt see this till now, sorry.

    ive got palms, narragansetts, and blacks, but am narrowing it down....considerably, like to none. acctually a friend of mine is taking them, i hope he can do a better job with the feathers than i did.

    the guy i bought my incubators from raises the hollands, the tails didnt look any better than my palms. id say the palm is the best bet for nice tails if you want white.



  4. heres my second, i could talk about what went wrong...but whats the point, (i could go on and on), so ill say what went right :D , tippets came out much better than the first. im getting better at manipulation, and not mutilation. my wing meets the throat, (this was huge for me). the head on my second didnt finish up on the gut, although my head cement bled.


    the wing, ahhhh the wing. it had a great shape, and almost met the topping..k, ill say what went wrong here....when i trimmed the butts, i pulled the bottom two marries towards the head....anyways, first is first, second is second.

    IPB Image

    IPB Image

  5. just got back from the dieppe fly fishing show, i was there only a couple of hours, and it was BUSY, too many people around for me, but hope the vendors and tyers did well.

    met damian, and Jacques Héroux, very nice people. both were very busy. damian was signing autographs even, which was nice to see. watched him tie for a while, and seen a few of his flies, very impressive. he makes the nor-vise look easy. would have liked to chat and pick his brain a little more, but again, he was busy, and i figured id let him work.

    i was planning on taking some pics, and posting....but remembered the camera half way there, and wasnt turning around to get it.

    there were some crazy crafts there that i just cant believe, a lady from PEI made a few quilts, alot of work goes into a basic quillt, but when she sews in some classic salmon flies on them, then they become impressive, VERY impressive....my daughter just informed me she took some pics of the quilts on her cell phone, as soon as we figure out how to post them, we will post.

    anyways, it was a good time, and the show was put together very well!




    wish the twins a happy birthday for me damian

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