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  1. i have bought pretty much everything i have off of ebay, if you dont mind waiting a few weeks, (and watch the shipping charges), depending on where you r located.......however i have been cruising these sponsor links, and there are deals to be had, and looked at that whiting hackle variety, call me skeptical, but why look for volounteers, when their making a buck ??

  2. agreed pacres, spent a few years living in hamilton, and watching the bulldogs, i dont know for sure if its the same team, but 3 years ago, montreal, and edmonton, split their farm team up between the 2, and called em the bulldogs. im pretty sure its the same, and yes, great hockey !

  3. hi, just signed up to the forums, (i spent yesterday just reading them, and got alot of reading yet to do).

    i spent alot of time fishing for brookies in newfie as a kid, then moved to ontario, and picked up flyfishing again, for browns in the muskoka river, now after a few more years, have picked it up again, this time in P.E.I., for atlantics, and steelhead.

    im just starting to tie my own, and these forums have been a great help already....seems to be a great bunch here.




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