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  1. happy to see some more of your work fabrizio, nice to see you here
  2. i like it, may just be a preferance, but i like the jungle cock on the inside of the red hackle tips......and not sure if this would work with heron or not, but on my attempt at this fly, i used my girlfreinds waterproof mascara on my BEP. should also point out, its not a critique as i dont have the experience to do so, just a preferance
  3. thinking about these myself. is it possible to weight these??, or am i going to have to use split shot
  4. of the flies i see posted, im thinking it has to do with whats being done, as in tapered?, also seen a few with long bodies, and shorter bodies. dunno, they all look good.
  5. i had a real tough time tying this fly myself, and heres my critique. the topping on full tippet flies were never meant to reach the tail IMHO. and the people who could pull this off are sitting back and laughing. theres nothing wrong with tying in the throat after the wing according to raddencich. and the head is open for oppinion....you did a mighty fine job
  6. still wondering what it rhymes with??
  7. damien, where do you get yor bustard???, the only place i see it in canada is rocky mountain flies, too expensive, and i dont trust the guy!
  8. that is one awesome ty.......ive got new wallpaper.....again awesome, thanks
  9. vestal, and stisser, were talking hall of fame here........salmon flyer reader.
  10. ive got to say, anyone who posts here. i can look back on pages, and pages of stuff, and find NO two posts alike. ill see one of dave carnes posted flies, (just an example), and ill search it, and not one of the other posts be the same, or anywheres close to it.....actually the research takes more time than the tying... Mike
  11. fantastic flies, i would like to know whate body material is in the first fly??
  12. :headbang: cant wait, the wifes sick of this already, im like a kid at christmas.
  13. used to live in an apartment building, and moved from one unit to another.......its amazing what you can do with shopping carts
  14. i hate moving too, but if its for bigger and better, its not so bad. rental charges on the truck should be cheap enough. good luck daryn. insert theme song for "the jeffersons" here.
  15. wish i could attend more......and retire, my shifts are getting in the way of things
  16. bought some bronze mallard, and blue eared pheasant off him.......isnt worth using.
  17. that is one very talented tie, very, very talented, nice work
  18. ill be there on saturday, hopefully meet up with a few of youse anyway
  19. the museums sell these off at times, right??, how would you know when, you must have to know someone on the "inside"??
  20. outstanding, those veilings are just amazing....and what colour blue is in the wing?? again, outstanding
  21. im in the same boat, been off work for the last few days, and been retying my feb. meeting fly, and hopefully figure out my new cam.
  22. was really looking forward to meeting him in dieppe this year too
  23. holy crap man....and again, holy crap.......just, holy crap
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