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  1. yeah, i call em dual purpose birds! i should also mention, im not selling feathers, this is an experiment, and the feathers are mine, all mine. john at feathersmc.com has a wide variety of these, and an easy to use web site.
  2. if anyone remembers, i hatched out a bunch of eggs, and heres the result so far. the old girl, and some toms, couple of toms i can see some subs. and royal palm hen, compared to the narris anyways, this has been a great undertaking. i let them out of the fencing for a few hours, and they just followed me around like puppy dogs, i still cant get over how freindly these birds are! Mike
  3. stop into jays fly shop or drop an email. ive got a buddy that swears that theres no better smallmouth fishery than the thames river, your going to have to google up a map, i think its just outside of london.
  4. i ordered the 10 feather deal from john mc also, he sent more than 10, lets just say i wont be needing BEP for a while
  5. im frustrated just thinking about it
  6. my guess.......all of them !
  7. daryn, i see them things all the time digging clams, they bite. must be meat eaters??
  8. very nice resource. who are these people in the downloads, and why cant i find them on TV??
  9. long barbed ostrich herl....wal mart, cleaning section, feather duster. its a lifetime supply, and dyeable
  10. alex, great fly, youve come a long way
  11. there are, and no season for them. something about more research ?
  12. great shirts Will, thanks. also the bright purple marabou plume that was stuck to the packing tape also made it, of course the cute 20 something postal lady took notice of that, and mentioned that my new "feather boa" made it over the border with no problems , she also said "see ya later big fella" :hyst:
  13. ive never tied anything for stripers before, so i figure ill keep it simple. ill be tying a snake pattern on a 2/0ish
  14. i used to mechanic at the marina in grimsby, it was "forans marina", but not sure what it is now, but what a great spot for big browns cruising the shallows, theres a river just to the left, and a pier at the mouth, cought a few rainbows in that river......its not that far from beamsville, and shouldnt be that hard to find a lift. i just noticed your in PEI, where abouts??
  15. Brewer

    poult update

    a little bit of both. basically a hobby, but a usefull one. feathers and food.........i need a smoker now
  16. Brewer

    poult update

    they are turkeys, and it took alot of shopping to get the breed i was looking for....i had to get the eggs mailed from ontario, and im on the east coast.....then i had to get the old girl to sit on em....nevermind, no one will believe that.
  17. Brewer

    poult update

    heres my feather, er poult update, ordered 40 narragansett eggs, 20 hatched, 2 are royal palms, and one spanish black. the odd ones were a nice supprize. anyways, only a week old, and the toms are struttin up a storm. these suckers grow fast. btw, for those that have children, the incubation process is amazing, and i highly recommend doing this with them !
  18. Daryn, id like to get in on this one, and nothing to be lost across the border!, ill have to recearch, and get back to you on the pattern......sounds like fun
  19. one for today. whats the difference between pink, and purple??? answer is "the grip"
  20. thats a question i cant answer....and dont ask my wife!
  21. im sure the adams, but IMHO, a white wulff....just because i can see it
  22. Brewer

    Saturday night chats

    im there now....the old girl has brokeback mountain rented...ill still be here later !
  23. Brewer

    Saturday night chats

    any more thought go into this ??....ill be here
  24. truthfully, i havnt fished many, but of the ones ive tried, the micky finn cought a few
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