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  1. a great meeting guys, they keep getting better, thanks
  2. Brewer

    Whats your poison?

    just beer, things tend to get lost, or broken on the hard stuff....its usually me that gets lost, or broken
  3. i have got a fly tied, not as nice as the others, but the GFs daughter had some friends over, and amazingly the last ive seen of my camera
  4. Brewer


    big ole bump, freds goin through hoops to raise some bucks here people, from what i see, hes got a third of whats invested.....time not included
  5. ya know, someone that has material, (lots of it), and knows whats what, is ronn lucas sr., he just happens to quarterback the monthly meetings here on FTF, and its a great time. got one coming up this sat. you should join in, cant think of a better way to get involved...
  6. the best resource i know of is feathersmc.com, hands down, john will know what your talking about...... not to discourage you, but if your a working stiff like me, even the affordable stuff is expensive. so my advice is take it slow, and tie the crap out of a said pattern, and make it worth it. there can be a ton of different feathers, patterns, real, and substitute. and theres a ton of money to be spent, but in the end, we all just want to tie a fly. so pick a pattern man, and have some fun. Mike
  7. what alex said........ also, helps to fold the feather before the tie in. i find it gives it a more agressive look
  8. just a quick question about proportions. if im tying a fly, say, a sir herbert, and recipe calls for....tinsel three fourths, and seal fur one fourth... if im supposed to make 5 wraps of rib, ill only have one wrap on the fur, so where am i supposed to start the hackle? ive tried to start it in the tinsel, but looked like crap. i do realize that what looks good in my eye is right, but is there a rule for this kind of arrangement?
  9. figured it out, its alex"s wife, and she must have seen the tying class posts !
  10. been to one, and just wound up to be a texas holdem marathon
  11. leakys steppin up to the plate, and takin one for the team....atta boy leaky
  12. its just amazing how much i learn from seeing....thanks long
  13. it all depends who you are referring to......if you are my wife, im out running errands right now, AND cleaning up the basement! if you are not my wife........i havnt seen him
  14. if you want to have a peek, (and do the search), theres "some guy" on you tube tying the scarlet ibis.
  15. any pics yet?? the girlfreinds daughter had some freinds over, and my camera mysteriously went missing :ripped: ....so im in the market for an easy to use cam, that will take fly shots, thats about all ill use it for, and wondering about your reviews? Mike
  16. damian, you might not have the time, but i think your wrong about the talent.
  17. bbq rottisserie motor, pretty cheap
  18. Brewer


    done, great cause fred
  19. thats what you get for catching bait............nice video tho, and wouldnt mind catching some grayling
  20. dam...the stuff i got from superfly marries better than anything ive been using....you cant stop it from marrying, and i didnt even have to steam it....was it superfly ?? i am in no way afilliated with said company, but dam its good
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