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  1. the best resource i know of is feathersmc.com, hands down, john will know what your talking about......

    not to discourage you, but if your a working stiff like me, even the affordable stuff is expensive. so my advice is take it slow, and tie the crap out of a said pattern, and make it worth it.

    there can be a ton of different feathers, patterns, real, and substitute. and theres a ton of money to be spent, but in the end, we all just want to tie a fly.


    so pick a pattern man, and have some fun.



  2. just a quick question about proportions.

    if im tying a fly, say, a sir herbert, and recipe calls for....tinsel three fourths, and seal fur one fourth...

    if im supposed to make 5 wraps of rib, ill only have one wrap on the fur, so where am i supposed to start the hackle?

    ive tried to start it in the tinsel, but looked like crap.


    i do realize that what looks good in my eye is right, but is there a rule for this kind of arrangement?

  3. any pics yet??


    the girlfreinds daughter had some freinds over, and my camera mysteriously went missing :ripped: ....so im in the market for an easy to use cam, that will take fly shots, thats about all ill use it for, and wondering about your reviews?



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