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  1. that is a great idea. hmmmm, taking up fly fishing, to taking up fly tying,to taking up classic fly tying, to taking up growing birds, to modifying hooks, to taking up framing......its no wonder im broke
  2. i know what you mean.......we need a kicking my bosses ass smiley
  3. nice places man.....i usually just end up at the legion....the only "hole" in town.
  4. i recently started wearing glasses for driving, and reading, (tying), never new i needed to have my peepers checked untill someone said "i was SUPPOSED to see the lines on the road at night". im far sighted i guess, i can see for miles, but nearly blind close up...didnt realize how blind i was till i got my perscription
  5. new vice, and a rotary tool kit. hey newfie, you ever ski marble mountain ?
  6. dont forget caribou, floats like a cork, i think the hollow part is bigger. just gotta watch you dont cut it with the thread
  7. any chance of a step by step dustin ?, ive never seen an extended body done, and the air injection sounds interesting
  8. merry ho ho ronn, hope you and yours are all happy, and safe. Mike
  9. fantastic tie, thats alot goin on for a #10
  10. Brewer

    J Stockard

    they do have their own forum category, or email them??
  11. pacer0036 has nice stuff, hes in my favs
  12. problem with stainless steel...they only put enough stainless in the mix to call it "stainless". ive seen it on props.
  13. gary madore posted a pic in his house on the rodbuilding forum, his rod rack is on the ceiling....or he took the pic sideways , either way, its a good idea.
  14. heres a link that should get you started spey video. as for hooks, either alec jackson spey hooks, J.Stockards carries them. or try partidge salar hooks. both work well. also you should pick up a book, i recommend john shewy.
  15. ebay cancelled his account also, his feedback for the last few months were pretty much "red"
  16. brings up a stupid answer...from the rump of a good golden pheasant pheasant....sorry man, not much help. nice fly tho
  17. damian, i picked up a few amherst centers from fishnfever in halifax, nice tails, i think they were "superfly" brand. $11 canadian. have you got a link to sawadas site ??
  18. id leave this up to Will, and the admins. SD said that theres minimal loss, and hed take care of it.
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