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  1. i was googling through patterns, and seen some steelhead skaters, says they can be fished wet or dry?
  2. im bumping this up too, i just got a camera, and i cant get it to focus on the fly, the background is nice and crisp, ill post a pic in a bit
  3. tying up my first blind eyes...im excited. still practicing, but thinking purple kings, not too complicated
  4. believe it or not, i was on your page yesterday. i googled up a pattern, and there it was
  5. addy SD....and yes, i fergot about this one
  6. Brewer


    my girlfriend is acadian, and speaks it fluently. she understands all french....she says the root words are the same :dunno:
  7. here ya go bud OLB (Address deleted for security reasons per Admin; following response indicates parties capable of contact.)
  8. i just drilled a pile of holes in an old knife block
  9. they do have bird fur now....why not mammal feathers ??
  10. they dont float, but dont sink as fast, they each have their place for different conditions.
  11. Brewer

    Raising birds

    once you get into the group, there are links to govornment sites, ie. importing, exporting
  12. Brewer

    Raising birds

    canadian poultry info, and egg swappers these people are great, when i was looking for info, (and birds), they helped me out. before i joined, the closest breeder i could find was ontario, have since found someone with what i was looking for in nova scotia. if your looking for info, and birds that are close to home, this is the place...hope this helps btw, these people are from all over canada, and keep all kinds of birds, chicken, turkeys, guineas pheasants, etc... another btw, do you know where truro is ?? big auction this weekend
  13. hey will, can you put them in manually ??
  14. i chenille the shank first, then do as kyle does. sometimes i matuka it down
  15. great tie, and pattern...ive got to get me some tubing, looks great for spring time here
  16. awesome micro buggers also....easy to tie with also
  17. just passing on a good dealceramic bobbins i just bought a couple off this guy. he spelled griffin wrong, so i dont think he gets many hits on this
  18. damian, and davie, i wouldnt mind having a looksee at that dvd???....and damian, ill send extra postage for the bug swap, didnt realize it would be thet much from here to there !!
  19. i was thinking about makin one, should be funny anyways...ever see what a mechanic can do to a chunk of wood...it aint pretty
  20. i picked up my desk at an auction for $35, its out of a hotel, 3 big drawers, and 6 smaller ones, huge space, used office furniture goes cheap
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