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  1. and i second the motion, all in favour of calling him "the body" say I
  2. thedefaced.net dont know if admins wanted it up here....but here it is the said asshole is named "weetabix" or something
  3. trie to google, and also called chapters/indigo.ca....i guess canada is the only place that cant pre order this book yet
  4. i wouldnt think its about money. i would think its about having no job, too much time on your hands, and a little pecker.
  5. at least the guy left his web site, looks like thats what theyre into doing, maybe find his service provider and let them know whats going on.
  6. Brewer

    Avatar Pictures

    if they represent your personality, im in deep crap
  7. the member your waiting on is myself, and i should have chimed in earlier. ive asked daryn to close this swap up, and forward me all participating swappers mailing addys, and ill get them out. moms been sick since last month, had an opperation a few weeks ago, had a stroke last sunday, took her off life support on saturday. (basically what the pms were about). Mike
  8. it works alright....but, it screws with your hackle on dries, also your fly does sink after a few drifts, i spent more time flicking than fishing
  9. thank you very much guys, ill be trying another tonight....but right now, the old girls got david casidy blaring....im thinking she needs some attention
  10. NICE floss, i like the look of the hackle too....nice tie
  11. well...im having a hell of a time picking a spot to tie in the hackle, it never seems to line up with the ribs, (i false hackled this one in so i didnt have to worry about it). also my flies look more like a streamer than a salmon fly, im thinking its the tie in point for my wings, if you have a look at one of daves flies, (im not comparing, i just like the profile of his flies), at his shoulders, the wing rises kinda, where mine gradually rises.
  12. i seem to be making the same mistakes on every fly....ill be picking up some printed help from mr. radencich this week
  13. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Brewer: black dog
  14. and here lies the problem, most white turkeys are raised to be meat, and therefore, raised in tight quarters. the poor feathers dont stand a chance.
  15. kelson and hardy seem the same :dunno: black dog
  16. im off for work here in about 20 mins. and cursing every min. of it because im missing this one, (i dont want to miss any, theyre too much fun), but my vote for the next is the mar lodge, thats just personal preferance, ill be happy with an eagle, or dee anyways. but mar lodge.......btw, im still hoping to make this one, i just dont know how work is going to turn out.
  17. Brewer

    Albino Peacock

    i wouldnt say albino, but still a great bird peafowl page
  18. it just amazes me what the experienced can accomplish....beutiful fly, and awesome tie..thanks
  19. im not seeing the problem :dunno: , im liking the hackle job...schlappen??
  20. i really replied to this thread earlier, but it was a question all on its own, so i just hit my back button....but you answered my question, and royces all in one shot...thanks. btw, my question did involve certain materials as opposed to others. thanks for bringing this up royce.
  21. you also make this look easier than it is, great tie. i think this will be the fly im looking at when im attempting the next...thanks
  22. thank you for the feedback guys.....ill be giving it another shot after i get a few more swap flies done up.
  23. rasing my own birds......its a learning curve too
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