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  1. dad was from corner brook, spent alot of summers fishing brookies at the uncles camp behind marble mountain in steady brook. was going for a moose hunt in the fall, but bought a house instead....maybe next year
  2. yeah, i call em dual purpose birds! i should also mention, im not selling feathers, this is an experiment, and the feathers are mine, all mine. john at feathersmc.com has a wide variety of these, and an easy to use web site.
  3. if anyone remembers, i hatched out a bunch of eggs, and heres the result so far. the old girl, and some toms, couple of toms i can see some subs. and royal palm hen, compared to the narris anyways, this has been a great undertaking. i let them out of the fencing for a few hours, and they just followed me around like puppy dogs, i still cant get over how freindly these birds are! Mike
  4. k, damian helped me out a bunch, one quick trip to the only and very overpriced fly shop on the island, and im good to go, are we doing this through yahoo??
  5. mine change daily, basically its whatever you guys put up on this site
  6. great looking spey...i could never get the whiting hackle to do that
  7. i dont think its possible for me to get the wing colours by that time. daryn, do you know of anyone who deals in this kind of stuff up here in the east??, the fly shop on the island carries sub par materials.
  8. i played around with this a little last fall, and the knot has a ton to do with how well my flies fished. of the knots i know how to tie, my flies liked the turtle knot.
  9. fantastic tie. i agree with all of the above
  10. going to sound stupid...but i like them both, nice ties
  11. stop into jays fly shop or drop an email. ive got a buddy that swears that theres no better smallmouth fishery than the thames river, your going to have to google up a map, i think its just outside of london.
  12. nice fly....is your photography getting better??
  13. i ordered the 10 feather deal from john mc also, he sent more than 10, lets just say i wont be needing BEP for a while
  14. wow, its a great tie, a whole lot goin on, and i see a pile of influences.
  15. im frustrated just thinking about it
  16. my guess.......all of them !
  17. daryn, i see them things all the time digging clams, they bite. must be meat eaters??
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