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  1. Did anyone else have problems with the forums? When i try to get on i always get this
  2. It would be nice to have some. I also saw on their facebook page that they now have dumbbell eyes. Photo courtesy of Clear Cure Goo facebook Page.
  3. Very Nice, what size is the bottom one?
  4. I had my first vise for 5 months, then got another cheap one had that for 3 years, then now i have my HMH Spartan.
  5. I agree with bluegill here. My first vise was from a 30 dollar kit, it was a crappy vise. There were points where I didn't think i would continue with the sport. But once i found out that i liked it then i bought a nice quality vise.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Dont be afraid to post pics of those flies
  7. I like it a lot. I never really got into using epoxy due to not having proper epoxy, and not having a rotation tool. That lead to bad experiences. Goo can get expensive, but it goes a long way, there is some great stuff i've seen people do with it. It's fun to play with.
  8. I have used clear cure goo, but just in the two that come in the kit. I use Liquid Nails Clear Silicone Small Projects
  9. I think they hatch all year long really. I think that we focus on midges so much in the winter is because the other insects don't hatch during the winter.
  10. What kind of silicone do you use for your flies?
  11. Very Nice! Have a Merry Christmas!
  12. Good tip on the gum Titan! Never knew that.
  13. Beautiful rod Steve! How did you do the little pattern with all the different colors.
  14. I Like that Mohawk fly!
  15. I've been tying for 4 years and it looks nicer than my room.
  16. Well some people are making ear rings out of flies and stuff like that.
  17. 16 but dont be afraid to tie some 12's and 14's.
  18. Very nice Shoes! Happy Holidays to you and yours.
  19. I think a Nymph is a good idea.
  20. Those are fantastic! Whats the body material?
  21. There is no such thing as too many flies man. Always look forward to some of your flies.
  22. Man thats awesome! I wanna build something like that, its sweet!
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