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  1. Great idea Flytire Always try to fish with someone If your not fishing with someone try to tell someone where your going, and what time you expect to be home. Just in case you dont make it home they'll know a general area of where you are and they can call for help in that area. Another one about etiquette: If someone is rude to you, don't be rude back. Just be the bigger person and walk away.
  2. My fly is going to be a type of all purpose nymph.
  3. Very nice, and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.
  4. http://ukflydressing.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sbs&action=display&thread=4046 That link should get you going on the dubbing solution, it is a great read. As for the other questions i'm sure others more experienced then I will be around to help.
  5. They look good, do you coat them with anything after your done tying?
  6. Time for Winter Reds? Nice tie Kirk, if you get out please take lots of photo's and share them.
  7. Well that's nice. Join the forum and with your first post bitch about something in a rude manner, nice. The majority of website forums out there wont let you search for any word under four letters long because if people search for too short a word it would bring up thousands upon thousands of hits and seriously tax the server. So do as bluegill suggested above. Okay thanks Steve i didnt want to be the one to say it but, It is sounding like your bitching. For a forum that is no cost to you, so you're not paying anything for this right now and your getting a bunch of different stuff.
  8. Maybe using the pine squirrel zonkers would work for the smaller M.O.A.L's Maybe these
  9. Looks like a Walt's Worm on a curved hook. Simple but deadly.
  10. I've seen something about that for high alpine lakes, where they wouldn't be able to get a truck so they use a helicopter
  11. Welcome to the addiction. Now go catch a fish.
  12. I think you dont see crimped barbs on commercial flies is because not everyone practices barbless. So if you they just ship them with the barbs, if you dont like barbs you can just crimp them yourself. But as for what to do, i would say i dont think it matters. I dont think they judge on what the hook point is doing since they probably wont be fishing with the flies.
  13. Thats beautiful Ray! Thanks for the description on how to do the soft hackle.
  14. NJ All Day


    Nice lobster fly!
  15. http://forwardcast.net/clothing.html
  16. This count? Its a Foxee Red Clouser. Hook:Mustad 33903 sizes 4-12. Thread:Rusty orange, cream or brown in a 70 denier or 6/0. Belly:Cream or pink body fur from a red fox with the underfur removed. Back:Dark mottled red fur from the back or shoulders of a red fox with the underfur left in. Flash:Sparse copper, mottled copper or rust-colored Flashabou. Eyes:Dumbbell eyes
  17. That looks like a crappie, bluegill, bass killer. I think the yellow and black would look great!
  18. I'm not too smart about this but, I would think that Florida is too warm for trout to sustain there. That's why Florida is known for more saltwater, and bass.
  19. A lot of people on this site know of FTD, its a good site.
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