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  1. your a lethal weapon when it comes to CDC and Dry flies.
  2. NJ All Day


    My exact same thinking.
  3. Well have you ever ran retail? Because a display thing would be more of a retail thing. Maybe a promotional knife that they would have for sell, so they would have that showing off the knife. They would probably keep the knife dull so people could fondle it. That's my guess.
  4. I have a 8 wt TFO Clouser Series, and i love it. I matched it up with a Lamson Konic reel and some heavy bass fly line to get the flies out there. She worked good i like it a lot.
  5. Capt. Bob I always look forward to your replies to threads. They are always jam packed with information and you always have some awesome flies. Love that black fly, might just have to change it to a smallie fly. Thanks for the inspiration!
  6. Really?(i dont know if your being sarcastic, hard to tell on internet) I think something for a display would make more sense. Even for a rod or knife or other reasons.
  7. Thats what I was gonna say.
  8. The only thing i would think of is when your putting new line your reel. It keeps the line strait for easier filling.
  9. Just wanted to let you know that i'll by tying the Goldie. Never fished it, but i've heard some great things about it. Also if your thinking about doing the 12 month bluegill thing. You can count me in.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Looks like a good smallie/carp pattern. What is the body of the flies in the first picture made of?
  11. Maybe just using regular masking tape?
  12. Looks like it would take a long time to tie. But it would definitely be a nice addition to a collection of some sort
  13. I always do an extensive search on a company's warranty when i'm buying something that i'll have for a long time. It's always nice to see company's stand behind their product and do what they can to help you.
  14. I'll meet up at Gaeron's table at 12:30.
  15. I love using the natural stuff. It works great! If your looking for some patterns to tie there are a bunch of uses in it with warmwater stuff like Perchjerker said. Here's a list of some flies you can look through. http://warmwaterflytyer.com/patterns.asp
  16. Could you post a picture? And yes a heavier rod would work.
  17. I'm just wondering who will be going to the Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset New Jersey. I'll be there, possibly both days, but definitely on Saturday.
  18. I think you got the whole question wrong. He doesn't want to over size his line to his reel. He wants to put a smaller line and reel to a heavier rod. Its interesting, I'm no professional at this kind of stuff, but wouldn't a lighter line make it harder to load the rod and get a long cast. But i have no idea towards it i'm just shooting in the dark.
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