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  1. No, it's not. Different flies, but look similar.
  2. I love pepperoni, sausage, bacon, extra cheese. After all of that you dip it in Ranch Dressing, its good.
  3. Flexcement? you could always just thin it out if its too thick.
  4. Congratulations, I still have a far way as i am still in school.
  5. Thanks for that Ray, looks fantastic with many great people and tiers.
  6. http://globalflyfisher.com/video/doc-drakes I dont know if any of you guys have seen this video before. But this is a great story, and i think a lot you guys would like it also.
  7. You could always just use a sinking line to get down to them. I say just try bait fish flies with synthetics and epoxy, to give them some more durability.
  8. NJ All Day

    It's a boy!

    Congrats! Whats his name?
  9. This is very true, at some places you can find them $5 for 100 hooks. That is good to me.
  10. Mine are: Chartruse Marabou Tail A chartruse hackle A small section of rabbit hair in a dubbing loop right before the rubber and maybe a pecock herl body All on a size 2 Mustad 3366. should have most of them done this weekend. The middle of next week is when the should be mailed. I'll try to get a picture.
  11. I agree with DaCream, I love the 3366's they are great hooks. I use to use Tiemco 8089, i got a bunch of them for cheap on Ebay, once i ran out of those they were too expensive for me to buy so i went with 3366's.
  12. Not any of those patterns will work! I guess you'll just have to send them too me so I could put them to use. Seriously those are some nice patterns, if they don't catch anything then I'll loose my faith in fishing. Remember to take many pictures!
  13. Pop Fleyes by Bob Popovics. You could always get Bob Clouser's book, also Essential Saltwater Flies by Ed Jaworowski.
  14. I second that Jeff, those are fantastic!
  15. I saw this video on youtube recently uploaded by Caddis Fly Shop. It it a video about a popper jig, a new and fast way to make foam popper heads. But i dont see why you couldnt use balsa. Here's the vid But for the price tag. I'm thinking i can do with out. http://www.caddisflyshop.com/gary-krebs-popper-jig-sets.html Its still cool
  16. http://zero2hero-aftonangler.blogspot.com/2010/03/sponge-bob-square-heada-predator-popper.html That is a Step By Step on how to tie the fly, he shows you how he cut the head on this fly.
  17. I tied up a few. I'm going fishing in a few days so i'm gonna see how it fishes and see if i need to adjust things.
  18. I have Classes 9-4, on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. But I have a two hour break between to the two, and there is a decent river right by my college so some days if i dont have homework to do i will stop at the river for lunch, and a little bit of fishing. I have been thinking about bringing my vise and some tying materials so i could tie. But on Tuesday's I only have one class from 10-11:20 so i have plenty of time after class i usually tie a few flies after. Then Fridays I have class 1-4, every once in a while i'll take a drive to a pond after class, then wait for traffic to pass as i fish. I'm also an addict, and i just got a new 2 weight so i cant wait till i can fish for some blue gill's and bass.
  19. I do like that idea, it will help with the new products of various materials and out sponsors. I like it.
  20. I dont know about the database. But thats a great fly!
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