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  1. Super looking frog pattern Alex like it lots T/L Mike
  2. Great pattern Alex those would work well in my neck of the woods Tight Lines Mike
  3. Great looking fly Ray like the color combo. Tight lines Mike
  4. Great looking stonefly good job Tight lines Mike
  5. I found this also to be a problem using some of the water base products my regular head cement (pro-lak) head cement never gave me problems and i aslo use sally hansen hard as nails some times and no problem Tight Lines Mike
  6. my favorites are red then green then copper in my neck of the woods Tight lines Mike
  7. Beautiful flies they should be put under glsss TightLines Mike
  8. Great looking fly Chad Mike
  9. Welcome to the forum Paul great site a a great bunch of people on here. Feel free to cast aline anytime Tight Lines Mike
  10. Another great pattern Rex T/L Mike
  11. Great looking fly Rex great tie Tight Lines Mike
  12. Great looking fly Artur nice tie keep them coming those would fish well in my neck of the woods Tight Lines Mike
  13. Great looking fly Robert love the classic streamers Tight lines mike
  14. Size 4 to 12 just depends where iam fishing and what species Tight Lines Mike
  15. Great looking streamer fly well done Tight lines Mike
  16. Great looking stone i like the colors well done Tight lines Mike
  17. very nice tying table now you will need some cabinets for all your tying materials etc next is good lighting for your corner table so that does not show shadows Tight lines Mike
  18. VERY NICE Rex keep um coming T/L Mike
  19. Thats a beaut. looking fly Bud and it catches fish what more can you ask for lol Tight lines mike
  20. Another great looking fly Arthur T/L Mike
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