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  1. By the way Welcome to the forum Arthur great web site and a good bunch of people on here Tight lines Mike
  2. Great looking fly Arthur keep them coming Tight Lines Mike
  3. Beautiful pattern Steve T/L Mike
  4. Great looking fly Tight lines Mike
  5. I agree with all the other gents keep them on the skin Tight lines mike
  6. Nymphs, then streamer and dry Tight Lines Mike
  7. Great looking fly that will fish well in my neck of the woods Tight lines mike
  8. thanks for the info looking foward to it Mike
  9. i agree with the red foam booby foam still a good looking pattern thanks for sharing Tight lines mike
  10. Great looking fly Rex Tight lines Mike
  11. Great looking pattern good pike and muskey fly heck that would fish well for all fish Tight Lines Mike
  12. great looking foam thanks for the info Floyd will have to check it out Tight Lines Mike
  13. Very Nice looking fly those are hot patterns in my neck of the woods Tight Lines Mike
  14. Great looking fly its a dandy Tight Lines Mike
  15. great looking fly Rex love them wets good jod well tyied
  16. Great looking pattern RexHunt another winner that would be a killer pattern in my neck of the woods Tight lines Mike
  17. Great looking assortment of flies good job thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
  18. Like most of the other guys i use one to two size up in hackle depending on the size of the fly iam tying up Tight Lines mike
  19. Man that is a cool set up DOES she have a sister lol Tight lines Mike
  20. Great looking fly thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
  21. great looking stone pattern Marty thanks for sharing Tight lines Mike
  22. Superb idea an and good tip thanks for sharing T/L Mike
  23. Very nice group of flies Mark and a great looking leaf box thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
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