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  1. Very nice thanks for sharing Tight lines mike
  2. bluecharm and rusty rat also some bomber patterns Tight lines Mike
  3. Great tip daryan will have to check it out iam almost out of pro-lak glosey black will have to put in an order to Doaks My go to fly shop is closing so will have to try the cheap nail polish LOL Tight lines Mike
  4. Good tip thanks for sharing i will have to try it Tight Lines Mike
  5. Very Nice looking skunk Nanook Tight lines Mike
  6. Great looking Fly Dryan good job Tight lines Mike
  7. Welcome aboard ILikeFish great site with a good bunch of people on here Feel free to cast a line any time Tight lines Mike
  8. Great looking spey pattern thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
  9. Welcome Stu feel free to cast a line anytime tight lines Mike
  10. Great looking flies congrats. Tight lines Mike
  11. Great looking Dee flies keep them coming Tight Lines Mike
  12. Great looking pattern J/B thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
  13. great lookig fly realy like the colors Tight Lines Mike
  14. Great looking fly MTN Tight Lines Mike
  15. Great looking fly looks like a winner should float on forever Tight lines Mike
  16. Great looking caddis pattern Tight lines Mike
  17. Nothing wrong with mustad hooks been using them for yearsssssssss.the price is right and you can get 100 per box Tight lines Mike
  18. VERY VERY Nice what a great looking nymph :yahoo: Tight Lines Mike
  19. Another winner pattern daryn good job Tight lines Mike
  20. Great looking ghost pattern like all the ghost patterns thanks for sharing good job Tight lines mike
  21. Great looking bench good job Tight Lines Mike
  22. will have to check it out at michaels thanks for the info Tight lines mike
  23. Another beautiful fly Tompa thanks for sharing it with us Tight lines Mike
  24. Great looking tube flies thanks for sharing Tight Lines Mike
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