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  1. I'm guessing feathers5 was just teasing. My whole career meant dealing with people all day long, but one on one, and I really like that. I'm not crazy about being in and around crowds, especially when fishing. I see those opening day photos from some trout stream where guys are shoulder to shoulder and know that's not for me. I'd rather be by myself on a stream and get skunked vs dealing with the crowds. As I've grown older, I'm definitely more crowd adverse than when in my youth.
  2. I almost obtained that one time. Went to see Pure Prairie League at a small outdoor venue and like everyone, was told that it had been rained out at the last minute. Well, I guess someone forgot to tell the band that because they came out and began setting up. Being curious, I wandered over and sat down a few feet away along with just a handful of other people. The guys asked me what I wanted to hear as they were going to practice anyway and so I told them "Amie" and a few other tunes and they were kind enough to oblige. It wasn't until after several numbers, the word got around and people started piling in but still not a large crowd because most had gone home. The guys told me that they were under contract to play or they weren't getting paid in full so they made sure they played.
  3. A couple that come to mind, AC/DC, Back in Black, 1980, I had absolutely no idea what I was in for. Styx, Grand Illusion tour, 1977, small venue in Chicago where the acoustics were superb. Jimmy Buffet when he was still a warm up act. So many others but truthfully, more times than not, the live performance was often a let down, even by my favorite artists: Jethro Tull in Chicago, the echo was so bad, you were still hearing the first tune when the band was on their 3rd the Beach Boys when both of us were still young, and yet Dennis was so drunk he kept falling off his stool while drumming, and many more memorable but lousy performances
  4. My Frogtoggs were not very durable and seemed to tear easier than other waders that I have owned, but mind you, that was a while back and they may be different now. I'm envious that you can get 7 years from a pair of waders.
  5. We don't have the trout consideration down this way but even so, the beaver can be really destructive if their populations are not held in check. Their numbers have grown significantly since they are rarely trapped anymore. They tend to kill all the trees and vegetation lining the rivers and once that is gone, erosion of the banks comes into play.
  6. And I guess we should state, just for the record and as a public safety announcement, when we talk about eating gar, Don't ever consume gar eggs. They are poisonous. Find another source for your cheap caviar.
  7. That's exactly how we make that dorsal longitudinal cut, then peel back that skin and a sharp fillet knife makes quick work of it. Another way we've prepared them is to toss the chunks of boneless meat into a food processor along with some onion and green pepper. Comes out kind of like a firm mush, make into small patties or roll into balls, bread and deep fry. They will have the same texture as a chicken McNugget.
  8. Does it have the "Glock" trigger feel or more refined ? Looks really neat, would love to hear how it runs.
  9. This spotted gar will be easy to remove the fly and likely no tools will be needed. Others will require more patience.
  10. Had a chance now to read your article and appreciate your thoughts and work that went into it. Chris, one thing that I've found over the years with Gar and other so called "trash fish" is depending on where you live and how abundant they are, will determine how revered they might be. We have many bodies of water where the gar can be stacked up like cordwood and there is no shortage by any means. There are areas where the DNR wish you take them out by any legal means available because they can be agony on local baitfish and panfish populations. So when someone from an area where they are uncommon, criticizes another fisherman for keeping some to clean, or bury in their garden for fertilizer, or leave on a sandbar for the eagles to feed on, I take it with a grain of salt.
  11. 2. What are the right tools to remove a rope fly You need at least 1 very heavy glove where those needle like teeth can't penetrate. See below what they can do to you if you lose focus and they shake that head even with closed teeth. A pair of jaw spreaders like ones often used for Northern Pike and Musky A pair of needle nose pliers, best with serrations A really small steel wire brush A small pick can also be applied but most of all, take your time, be patient, these fish can spend crazy amounts of time out water and be just fine because of their air bladder system. Assuming you're targeting them, you will have an adequate pound tippet ( I like 10-12 lb test) and they won't break you off. Their teeth are not like a pike that cut your line easily. Most short nose and spotted gar don't get that large around here and really don't put up much of a fight. They are so streamlined that once you get them heading your way, most of the time there is not a lot of resistance. Now the larger long nose like above, they will put up a tussle and can get you into your backing but around here they can get up to 20 lbs. One other thing, don't hesitate to keep a couple of these fish as when cleaned properly, they can make excellent table fare as they will yield just two long strips of white boneless meat. Other fishermen will be tickled to see you taking some out as they definitely compete with more popular sporting fish for baitfish.
  12. I haven't read your article yet but may I ask what is wrong with rope flies, as long as you have with you the proper tools in order to remove the fly with no damage to the fish ?
  13. I generally use size 8-10 streamer hooks that are generally 2 or 3 XL. Some form of rubber leg almost always. Often I will run a larger nymph or small streamer on a dropper 2 feet below the top water fly. Lots of fish come up to inspect the disturbance of the larger floater and will take the nymph.
  14. Went on Ebay shipping calculator and Fedex was definitely the cheapest for a 31"x2"x2" package at 1 pound, next came UPS and USPS was same as what I was quoted today at my local Post Office
  15. The rod tube only, no box, wrapped in decent weight packing paper. I had them run a California zip code which is the most expensive to ship to from here in Illinois so that was a maximum amount.
  16. Does anyone know that if you download the shipping or mailing label from Ebay after a sale, how that cost is determined ? Are there any breaks for going thru them ? Just curious and oh btw, I have had to deal with an item that was damaged while in delivery and getting reimbursed was a nightmare and never did get refunded the proper amount. UPS claimed it was "inadequate" packaging when it was the same packaging, and even beefed up a little, that the manufacturer shipped in the original container. Their level of proof needed was beyond what could demonstrated.
  17. Unfortunately it's not the shape of the container but the length and 30" or more gets more than doubled in price.
  18. Well the new length regulation came into play today for me, I have a 31 inch rod tube containing a very lightweight 7 ft. 3 piece 3 weight fly rod and where shipping was to be no more than $10 to any of the lower 48 states, they now want $26. Ups was no better and FedEx was $19. Makes selling it at a low flat fee much more difficult. This stinks and reflects the gouging I'm seeing elsewhere.
  19. How do you like to obtain your lovely black glossy heads ? Multiple coats of Sally Hansen's / something similar or UV ? Very attractive for sure
  20. Rich, normally we're cheaper here down state than you up north but it seems not at the moment.
  21. Excellent Norm ! One of my closest fishing buddies loves using Hornbergs. He'll like that one for sure.
  22. Those are very well done flytire. Does anyone remember the gentleman who took popper painting to the next level as works of art? He used to post on this forum but can't remember what username he went by.
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