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  1. I mainly fish for the bite. I love to feel that tug on the line. Several years ago I would have never even thought of tying my own flies let alone fly fishing. It just looked way too hard for me. Then a friend of mine got me a flyrod for Christmas, next thing I knew I had a bunch of tools for tying flies. Another friend taught me to cast a flyrod and it was easier than I had thought so I was hooked. Now I get not only the thrill of the bite but also the thrill of tying and creating my own lures and flies and the excitement of fish actually biting on them. I love the outdoors always have since I was a child. The older I get the more I love the outdoors. I love most of all sharing that time on the water with friends and my kids.
  2. Way to go Deeky!!! There sure are a lot of great ties posted here would really be hard for me to choose the best one they all look good to me.
  3. Great looking ties I've been tying a few Murdich Minnows
  4. well, I normally go by Redear, my all time favorite panfish, but when I registered here Redear was already taken so since I live in the hills of Indiana and have been called a redneck hillbilly by numerous people I just combined the two and became Hillbillyredear
  5. aaaaaah now I get it...been wondering that day5...
  6. Like Day5, I dont think it really matters except for weedlessness/snaglessness (is that really a word) lol
  7. I couldnt settle with just a space...I had to have a building. I did make my own tying station out of Oak a lot like the others pictured here and purchased the Serving table to use as a tying bench. My own little man cave...the other half of the shed is my work shop/tool shed/lawn equipment shed. The tying room half comes complete with Insulation and paneling, AC and Heat.
  8. I agree with everyone else GREAT LOOKIN FLIES!!!
  9. Circus Peanut...Who comes up with these names :dunno:
  10. Lure-anything that attracts, entices, or allures. Yes it is a beefed up fly but Flies are lures also. It is a fly because it was tied as a traditional fly from what I can tell, but at the same time it is also a lure because it was created to "Lure or entice" the fish. I chose trout snobs would never understand. I tie to catch fish not to show and tell and I am not just strictly fly fishing or tying I also tie jigs, spinner baits, buzz baits, and pour a few plastics. I'm in it for the fish not arts and crafts. However there is nothing more rewarding than tying your own and the fish bite on it. Very nicely done tie you have there day5 it'll fish well. :thumbup:
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