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  1. I was seeing if there is any one around the Auburn AL area that fly fishing.
  2. Some bream flies for a friend of the family that is learning to fly fish
  3. Alot has happened in the last 6 or 7 months that I have been gone of this forum. First thing I have to say is how much I have missed this place. I have got on here off and on to just see what is going on. I got a new job about 5 and a half months ago. I work for a company that supplies part to the Hyundai plant that is located in Montgomery. The only thing is don't like about it is I am working between 12 to 14 hours a day and 5 to 7 days a week. So it really does not leave me with much time to do anything when I get home. I moved out of my parents house about 5 months ago and got my own place. Now I have a dedicated fly tying room. It looks nothing like most of ya'll rooms but I am proud of having my own place and fly tying room. Again I have miss this place so much and I am happy to be back tying aging.
  4. I just got back into tying. This past week I have had a virus and laryngitis so I have not been able to tie to much this past week.
  5. BB I just started back tying flies again. I hate I missed joining the swap club. Maybe I can get in if someone drops out.
  6. I live over in Auburn. This time of the year it is hard for me to get a bass or a bluegill to hit anything. If I was you I would try some wooly buggers in size 6-8 in black or a darker color. Use one that is not weighted to much so it just sinks really slow. You are going to have to fish slower then normal. If you have any more questions just ask.
  7. got mine today great job every body
  8. got mine the other day great tie everyone
  9. BB I tried something different than I normal do. I gave my epoxy turn to Dart. So I didn't have a good way to you epoxy with out it dripping. I did my normal thread wraps around the hook shank. Then I use delta ceramcoat vanish as the body finish. I put on any were between 5 to 7 coats on each ant. Neal's Sinking Ant Recipe Hook: mustad 3906 Thread: black 8/0 Body: black thread (you can use red thread for the butt, have had good luck with this) Body Coating: delta ceramcoat varnish Hackle: black hen hackle
  10. mine are going in the mail this morning BB
  11. Does not really matter to me much when i get the flies back. I got you pm about the game and thanks. Those ducks play one hell of a game.
  12. BB they went in the mail today. The USPS did not pick up the mail Friday. They should be there hopeful Thursday. Thanks for hosting the swap.
  13. BB i am in with a sinking ant of some kind
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