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  1. Hi Felix, wellcome!

    Up to what I know, we are two at the moment, but I have heard that there is one in the moon...LOL,LOL.

    I live in Vigo, pero son do depor. LOL,LOL.

    Saudos!, Andrés T.


    Thanx mate, I was checking your flies, and they're awsome! This was my first fly after some years of vise "dust catching" :rolleyes: But hopefully, I will never leave again... and yeah I already know you are from Betanzos ;) ... We should meet then sooner or later, because as far as I know, you've got some arrowheadz for me, isnt it? LMAO. Veña señor, feliz ano e coidado coas uvas! :headbang:


    P.S: Cecebre reservoir was such a crap man! I haven't seen any fish, scud, nymph or even some algae in the whole place! While it seemed to be quite nice for flyfishing, I'm sure it has passed a millenium since the last time there was some life around!! Or maybe it's just because of the cold winter, who knows! Next time I'll check Forcadas or Vilasouto. See ya!

  2. Hi there,


    Thanks for the feedback! I'm new at the forum, so this is my first pattern. Hope to bring some more later... because I've found the forum very interesting and helpful as well.


    I like the bent shape (very nice on the alternative picture).

    Is the fly from Galicia in Spain? Cool!


    Yeah, it's from Galicia in the northwest of Spain. Have you heard about here or something? ;)

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