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  1. Like the colors and style... interesting fly.
  2. Awesome fly... really like this one.
  3. keep posting... looking good
  4. ok - Brown Eared Pheasant
  5. Really like it.. but what is BEP?
  6. Hi Just wanted to show you guys a brown trout I caught yesterday. It took a fly that Jens sent me some days ago. Its Icelandic "Ice age" brown trout and it probably about 10 - 12 lbs... Cant remember the fly name but its kind a like the fly Zulu... Thanks Jens...
  7. Awesome rats guys. I have never tried this pattern here in Iceland but the blue one could be great early summer and the yellow on hot summer days and in the autumn. Think I might give them a try this summer. Thanks for sharing.. ps. Howard, the blue one is much better...
  8. Great shrimp patterns, think I will copy them to my box along with all the master pieces Bob has sent me. I think Polar pony (Arctic runner) is more like squirrel tail hair only longer, more sheen. Its stiffer then goat so you never have any problems with it wrapping around you hooks and if you have some mane or tail hair its stiffer so you can tie long wing flies and you dont have to worry about it wrapping around your hooks.
  9. Simply love it. The colors are great - Great to see you using all of the material... Cant wait to see what you come up with when you start using the seal
  10. Nice fly... interesting wing and style..
  11. Wow Tompa... Long time no see, these are killer tubes you got there.
  12. Lovely fly and great tying on this old pattern...
  13. Love the flies.. All patterns are killer patterns here in Iceland. One thing - the black sheep is an Icelandic fly as you probably know and it is imitating small eels in North Atlantic Sea that some salmons eat during their time in salt water... Skál Palli
  14. Hi bob... Absolutely stunning once again. Have to send you more material to work with. :) Palli
  15. I like it - Think your body is great... Keep posting more flies...
  16. Hi Letumgo Little advice how to use this fly. Many people dont like it - say that it might scare the fish in the pool but my experiance is that if you use it small ( not the 7"), you dont scare any fish. First I use dead drift but you can also strip it as fast as you can and the takes you get when you strip it fast are unbelivable. In my local river Vatndalsa this fly is not used except everything is dead - some kind of search engine. But the number speak for them selds Last year we cought about 1000 salmons - 76 on Sun Ray, 76 on Snælda, 79 on the hitch and 135 on red frances.... you can see it all here - www.vatnsdalsa.is Palli
  17. Hi Mark Organize a fly tying event in Iceland is a risky business, if you are going to have it during salmon season! But this sound like an idea - doing it in with Orri in NASF. Let me look into it... skál Palli
  18. Hi Mark.. 15 salmons... not 7
  19. Hi Here are some tube flies I tyed some days ago. I use Sun Ray a lot here in Iceland and different color variations undir different circumstances. All tyed with Polar Pony Mane/body hair and the big one is about 7" long hooked 15 salmons in Ranga river last autumn in one day with the orange Sun Ray.
  20. Love this fly - would make a great salmon fly here in Iceland if it would be tyed smaller
  21. Hi Guys... Its good to know if you like the hair and Bob is using it the like it should be used. I have some if you are interested. I mostly have body patches left - 2 - 4 inches long hair but you could contact Phil Castlearm if you need longer hair. He is importing it along with Steve Silverio. Both great guys. If you are looking for a tail hair for eyes I could get my hand on some. Just pm if you want any...
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